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Welcome to the forum!


hi there! new to the forum, but not new to the series :sunglasses: … i’ve been playing hitman since codename 47, and i was encouraged by some peeps to sign up here… so i did!! i look forward to joining in conversations around the forum when i can… cheers!


Welcome to the Agency @bOnEs! Hope to see you soon in the discussions.


Hey whats up guys. I’m AnoMade, first time on the Hitman Forum. Happy to be finally part of the family. :slight_smile:


Hello I’m not really what you call new I have played hitman for a few months now however I am new to the forum. I’m just trying to make friends and grow a youtube channel I hope everyone is enjoying there day.


Hey, welcome to the forum!


Thanks much appreciated.


hey are you on xbox if so that’s great


Im on ps4. Sorry bud


dam it I’m trying to find someone to redo my contract on xbox


@Ed_ll3 and @Euler13 are both on Xbox, you can ask them to re-do it :wink: Send them the details in the Hitmanforum Member Contracts thread.


Hi, I’m Peter. I’m a long time fan of the series, joined the old forum in 2005 and stuck around for a few years. Always felt weird about leaving in a huff and never talking to anyone again. Since I left I turned into a total stoner and spent way too much of my money on knives and gear. Looking forward to checking out the new site. See you around.



I joined the Franchise late, for Absolution and am one of the few that loved that game, or rather loved the levels where you assassinated targets and could put up with the rest…

I am a big fan of Season 1 too… I mainly came over to the forums to learn more about how people play the game. My main technique involves using some kind of lure to pull guards out of position (usually knocking them out, but sometimes just kiting past them), my favorite was the glass bottle in Absolution and is now the soda can in Season 1. Is this the most common method of playing the game, or is there a smarter way that I should be aware of?


That’s the most common methdod, then we have roleplayers that try to do stuff most realistically possible, and speedrunners (like me) we try to get the missions the fastest possible, and many other playstyles


Fixed that for you mate


And trolls, like @Fortheseven


I’m alot of things, but not a troll m8


Awesome, to hear, I look forward to learning more about the roleplaying playstyle as I feel the game was intended in that direction, but the enemy layout and placement necessitates the lures… I’m guessing there’s forum sections for these different play styles? I’m not a speed runner in that I don’t aim for the single fastest time, but I do like finding ways to quickly zip through missions


Hello. My name is Tore Staffan and I’m from Scandinavia. My birthday is January 7th. I have been watching this place for few months. I found this place from reddit. My first Hitman game is Codename 47. My favorite is Blood Money.


Hello. I am Ree. Thank you.