Introduce Yourself


Greetings everyone; I’m BADA_BOOOOM and I look forward to interacting with everyone! I decided that it was time to break down and join the club…hope everyone is doing well :slight_smile:


Heya @BADA_BOOOOM Glad you’re here! Welcome. :smiley:


Hello, I’m Twist. I like drinnk tea and play game.


hey guys I’m inkblowout.

I honestly never really knew this forum existed. So here I am.

I’m mostly playing hitman 2 and I consider myself alright at the game. So I’ll be posting on the hitman 2 related posts :stuck_out_tongue:

I am playing hitman 2016 but I haven’t found my love for it compared with some others here. But I do screw around with it sometimes.


I’m Picker. Glad to see you!


hi im osi777gt
i mostly play the older hitman games
i dont own HITMAN 2016 yet i plan to get it soon
my favorite games is hitman contracts


Ty sir :slight_smile:


is your name Andy Simmons ?


Did you really reply to a seven month old post just to make a bad joke?


This is not a joke at all


Hey guys is there any way to change the username on this forum?

Have a good one


You can message me with the name you want and I’ll change it for you.


Hi guys i’m Vincenzo from Italy. I love all hitman games but i don t own the latest game, i will buy it soon. I follow this forum everyday and now i’m here. I hope we can have a Great time together:)


Welcome @SquillyV


Thank you! @JDMHatch_G :slight_smile:


Hello there :slight_smile:

@badeaguard an Italian pal for you.


I’m Romanian… :joy: But I’m living in Italy for most of my life

Benvenuto @SquillyV


Welcome to HMF buddy! Just avoid the general news thread and you should survive!


Ciao Vincenzo! Benvenuto! Di dove sei precisamente?


Thanks to everyone :slight_smile: @Bardachenko sono Calabrese precisamente di un paese in provincia di Cosenza