Introduce Yourself


And @Fortheseven


Avoid idiots in your life. Otherwise they will make you one like them.


Forthe isn’t one
He’s just the king of trolls


Siamo vicini allora! Io sono pugliese, provincia di Bari


I’ve been here lurking for a while. Finally time to say hello. Hello!


aka AndoMargo on YouTube


STOKED to be part of this awesome community!!!


Good evening, i’ve been browsing around here since HITMAN released, and have only just gotten around to creating an account :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you’ll have fun as long as you stay away from the general news thread and @Fortheseven :wink:


Oh? From what I’ve seen @Fortheseven seems like quite a nice chap, or am I unintelligibly mistaken?


You have got the answer furthest from reality


This entire forum loves to hate him but I find he speaks the most sense of anyone here :stuck_out_tongue:


Defenitely not, he almost always thinks his opinion is fact, but I will admit that I find myself agreeing with him


Okay, that’s pretty good baiting, even I feel like I want to reply to that.


So… Climb aboard the bandwagon of hating him?


I’m not too much into hating people.


They’re kidding, he’s a really cool member, don’t worry :slight_smile:


That makes two of you?


That’s something Fortheseven would say… ““Spodey””


Let’s just say he’s an aquired taste. He’s not chocolate or bacon but rather more like coffee, asparagus or oysters. Some like him straight away, others take time to appreciate him, a few will have their gag reflexes triggered upon seeing his avatar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol really? Epic fail on my part haha. Now that you mention it, I remember now, you’ve said it on multiple occasions.