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Ah, but technically he did get his Italian citizenship not too long ago so you’re more right than you think. :grin:


I don’t know how it should work. I’m Italian on paper but still, I’m born in Romania with both parents from Romania so that makes me Romanian.

@borek921 I came to live in Italy at the age of 12, now I’m 26.


Haha this made me laugh, quality comment!


LGotta love ya little fella. :yum:

EDIT: I mean, you annoying little sh*t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah it’s sarcasm,just a tongue in cheek joke.
He’s a very cool guy,not to mention a talented speedrunner and the king of trolls.


Wow obsessed much? Atleast i never felt the need to get personal, unlike you.

You’re free to join me to ADE tomorrow


Seriously? Your last post was 2 August and your first post in nearly three months is to insult our beloved Forthe. I’m sure that there are some people that don’t like you, but they don’t use a veiled welcome to one of our new members as a cheap shot to publicly express that hate. Not cool, not cool.

@soundwAve: Welcome to HMF. This is a great community, so just ignore the grumpy gits. If you want to improve your game play, then you’d be well advised to watch the master, @Fortheseven.


If the constitution of more than one country establishes that you have the right to their citizenship, then you simply have more than one nationality. This can happen in a lot of ways. There are also cases of people born stateless, immigrants anywhere they go.


Little?:stuck_out_tongue: You are aware that we Dutchies are tall no? 193 cm <3

But love you too grandpa redneck


Honestly,it just seems you are trying to cause spite. Forthe is a nice guy imo and it just doesn’t do any good to have this kind of vibe around here. I mean,it’s one thing to criticize his way of expressing his opinions but you straight up attacked him on a personal level. Come on man you are better than that.


@MrBurn4488 well done, your repetitive anti-Fortheseven jokes made the thread o to hell


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Lol, you’re the guy who called him a faggot, right? Go away.


@Fortheseven is a “shoe-shiner” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But all around a great member. Just don’t ever respond to him using “Goodfellas” Gifs…


You’re still here??


Every single Dutch person I ever saw is at least 2 meters, even the babies


It took this noob nearly 7 mins to do my prisoner kill a consulate member and he’s a master? lol. I think @GuLe would like to beg to differ. He did it in about 3mins. :joy:

Ps to everyone, no need to reply to 46. You’re just egging the guy on to cause more shite. Plus he doesn’t deserve a reply/acknowledgement with that kind of attitude.


Khaotiq83. I’m new here. :smiley:


Hey Khaotiq83! Welcome to the Hitman Forum :smile:


Hi to all!

First post on the forum…