Introduce Yourself


Welcome to the forum Gustavo


Thanks! Nice to be here…



Hi , online user Fredbullbeatbox5 chucking in :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Fred :smiley::tada:


Hallo ik ben hier nieuw sinds vandaag de app Hitman sniper aan het spelen leuk spel veel plezier samen groeten Robert


Hello I’m Here New Since Today The App Hitman Sniper Playing Fun Game Have fun together Robert



Hello guys :slight_smile:
I’m The_Bear, and I’m more than happy to join hitmanforum community as a new user. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


I have a feeling you and @scm97tl are going to get along beary well


Haha, at first I was like “why is that?” but then I checked his profile and now I get it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I like bears too! So mighty and at the same time fluffy animals. Cats too. :slight_smile:
I also have lots of stuffed and named teddies haha


Polar bear best bear. Absolute apex beast


I like brown bears more. I hope you can BEAR it :smiley:


there’s two of them?!



Yep. You got a new pal @scm97tl


Id here, can’t believe I signed up 13½ years ago back in 2004. Absurd.


Welcome to our lovely community about murder and how creative it can get! Enjoy it in all its baldness.


Hi there.

I am Hannibal.

I was a early player of the hitman games but stoped after absolution.

I am now trying to play again but i am stuck with the GOTY edition Problem on the xbox store. .)

See you arroune, or not…


Welcome @Iron_Hannibal!

Hope you’ll have fun here


Welcome Hannibal, please don’t eat my liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Thanks :grinning:


Hello I am gabagool fanatic. I played SA 2, Contracts, Blood Money, Absolution and now i have around 240 hours of the new game.