Introduce Yourself


Welcome to the International Contract Assosiation, ICA for short. Hope you have a good time here.


It’s agency


Someone didn’t understood the joke.


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I don’t understand why my account was gone, now i’m back after i create it again, strange.


Hi all, not been active on here lately because I’ve been playing other games. I do dabble into Hitman but only right now to play the new campaign and elusive targets. I’m still around so please still tag me in contracts and I promise to look when I get the chance :slight_smile:


Seeing that today marks Hitman: Absolution’s fifth anniversary, I thought to myself that if I’m ever going to join this community, this day should be the day I do it since Absolution was my first Hitman game.

So… Hello everybody, I’m Mandragora. :blush: I fell in love with the series this summer. So far, I’ve played and completed Absolution and Blood Money on my PS3. As soon as I buy PS4 I’ll play HITMAN. Until then I’ll be enjoying my time on this forum.


Welcome to the Forum Mandragora!

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy :smiley: :+1:


Welcome to the forum @DarkNternal A bit introduction to the forum would be nice.


I am Daimyo Shi, i been playing Hitman off and on for a little while, originally on XBox One but now on PC.


I guess I should do this as well, I’ve been meaning to.

Hello everyone, I’m TacoFist, I’ve been playing hitman since the BM days, I do a lot of off the wall challenge streams on Youtube with this game, like Professional mode, disable all hud elements and instinct, throwing knife kills only. I usually get some off the wall suggestions and they are always a lot of fun, or I’ll make funny skits with this game as well, I did a spoof on MTV Cribs that’s just Hitman Cribs. I have roughly 750hrs in Hitman and quite enjoy it. I’ve met a few of you already and everyone seems cool here. I love the fact everyone shares their experiences and videos. Very cool to see how some people complete elusive targets or just levels in general. So far this has been a great community and I look forward to chatting with you all!


Hello! I’m @DarkNternal and I enjoy meeting new people and participating in engaging conversations. I have been a fan of the Hitman franchise since the beginning and I recently came across the Hitman Forum and Discord Server, after getting into the new Hitman! Everyone has been extremely friendly and welcoming and I’ve been enjoying my time here since I joined!


Thanks @KrugerSchmidts! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I’m Jordan, a 27 year old lead singer of an indie band called The Class. Feel free to check us out on YouTube, as our new album, Providence has been released. I look forward to chatting with you guys in the future!


27?Oh that’s bad luck,isn’t that the year when rockstars die?Gosh,I sure hope no such darn thing happens to you,golly!


I agree! It’d be really unfortunate if I were to be, say, smothered in my own vegan cake, or electrocuted by a faulty microphone, as two random examples.

But clearly that won’t happen in a thousand years.


Nah man,it would be (coco)nuts(falling from the sky) for it to happen!


Absolutely. Gotta go for now, some bald dude just brought me the specific Branson MD-2 microphone I need to record my new single. The new song’ll be so shocking, it’ll hopefully electrify you all!



Poor taste? Damn,guess it sounded better in my head. Or is it just a bad joke?