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I thought it was funny but I couldn’t like your post because the British government are currently locking people up for making ‘racist’ comments while continuing to ignore muslim rape gangs for the sake of diversity :slight_smile:


They are REALLY looking for racist comments?The sarcastic ones too? Seems like some annoying shit to deal with man.


Hi guys, my name’s @Mr-Splodge and have been playing HM2016 a lot and have signed up to the forum to become more involved with the fantastic community here. A lot of other members have started interesting threads and I would like to join in on the discussion :smile: Loving the game and the people who play it. Peace!


Welcome @Tacofist you will find everyone to be pretty friendly and helpful here :sunglasses:


Hello I am mr_giggles


Hey people. I just joined the forum. Glad to be here :sunglasses:


Never heard anything like that.


Good for you.


Hello. Dragon here. Mr. 47’s to be precise. Now let’s see if we got some senior IO Interactive Community Team. I did join the barcode society when it first opened up all those years ago. And, I was one of two winners of this sites very first competition. I like to think i won because they liked my username and my story about the prize… Even though they say they chose randomly.
The reason I’m back on is because I finally bought the newer Hitman tonight after work, and then read the reviews, mainly from the GOTY add on reviews. It upset me because people are saying they should get a refund and it wasn’t what they expected and it’s bull shit for paying that much for so little. I’m upset because we have all these little children saying this add on is stupid for $20 because you only get a extra mission and three skins… And I’m saying those little children are stupid for not researching and reading fine print.
Don’t ever buy a new game AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT. Because you’re going to pay more for your impatience. I wait for video game bundles, even though it’s a year after its release date. You always get more for what you pay. Right now Hitman: GOTY Edition is $59.99 which comes with all the add ons including the full game. I out smarted that. Buy the Steel Book edition (@ Gamestop because of their current game sale), brand spanking new, which is the complete first season with 3 bonus missions, the games original soundtrack, the requiem blood money pack, and documentary of making the game for $19.99 in WA state. Then
go to Microsoft store (on your Xbox one) and Buy the Hitman add on (Game Of The Year) for $19.99… If you have never bought the new Hitman yet and do it the way i just explained (before the sale date ends) you’ll save $20 and get three more add ons then what you’ll originally pay for. The people whom are bitching about it are people who don’t have patience or don’t know how to read or manage their money… plain and simple.


Hello everyone. I’m new to the Hitman franchise, as I have just begun the Paris mission in the Steelbook Edition. Gets lots of getting used to… but fun and way, way, way better than any James Bond game.


Hitman is very enjoyable when you are still getting used to. Once you know everything it’s stale game. Those who enjoy playing contracts mode can milk the game forever. Speedrunners like milking hitman.


Hey, VERY long time away. Used to go by hairyman. Can’t imagine there’s many will remember me. Nice to see some familiar names still about. Props to amp for keeping the forum going as long as it has been.


hello agents
my name is sugarice, join this forum so i can share my mediocre contracts with all of you


Welcome to the forum mate, don’t worry about your contracts :grinning: , we’ll perfect them :fist_right::fist_left:


Locksley here,im a fan of hitman and south park,i am also a exert marksman,see all of yall around


… with a bow and arrow or have you advanced to firearms now?


Hi there! Very new here and to Hitman 2016 (just bought the GOTY version on PS4).

Been a long time fan of the series, starting back when I was playing Silent Assassin as a mere child who had to use cheats in every level in order to beat them. Played Hitman: Contracts at a friend’s place, then got Hitman: Blood Money twice (lost my CD once) and got Absolution when it came out. Absolutely fell in love with the Contracts mode, played around that for a while and even got one of my contracts featured once!

Made a lot of online friends too with Absolution trying to beat eachother’s high scores and creating competitions. Hoping to find the new amazing community here.


Well, you won’t be disappointed


Hi i am Frezzey, i’ve read some post Hitmanforum for some months now, so hi everyone.


Hi Frezzey, how long have you been sober?