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Hi, I’m a new member here. I just remembered about Hitman games and I searched “Hitman” in Google searh engine, then I found then I joined , I love Hitman games! Nice to meet you!


I’ve already made a few posts before posting in this topic, but yeah. I’m new.

I started playing (the) Hitman games a couple years ago. I bought an anthology(?) set for PS3, as well as Absolution. I played them in order (really haven’t finished Blood Money, I think it was). But Absolution’s graphics and mechanics made that one my favorite, at least, up to that point. Now the 2016 version is my favorite (yet, I do miss Abs point shooting). I have it on Steam, and although I’ve put in over a thousand hours into Terraria, I can easily see HITMAN getting as many, maybe more hours of gameplay.

Being stealthy is fun, getting fast times can be fun, but it’s also fun to d*** around once in a while. I love the options for creativity!


Dearest Forum Members,

I thought I’d take a moment to (re)introduce myself…

I purchased Hitman (2016) around a year ago, merely because it was on sale and I caught an ad somewhere that interested me. Little did I know that the game franchise goes back more than a decade and has a loyal fan base (many of you being members of this awesome forum). But the game itself surprised me like no other game had before - and I quickly found myself immersed in the world of 47.

Around the same time I discovered contracts mode, I learned the art of speedrunning. I’d been gaming for many years, but never understood or appreciated it. However, thanks to checking out the handywork of some amazing players, I soon got the hang of running. After I felt my skills were up to par, I began uploading my own videos.

If you haven’t already checked out the member contracts section of this forum, I’d highly recommend it. I always have a go at the Featured Contracts when they’re released, but often find myself having the most fun running content created by this very community. Plus there’s some great insight from many experienced players and content creators (not to mention some great banter).

Finally, I’ve included a link to my YouTube channel. If you like what you see, please feel free to subscribe and of course feel free to leave a comment or two :slight_smile:

All the best to everyone and looking forward to Season 2!


Hello to everyone!

I’m Obscurisis, and I’ve been a fan of the Hitman franchise since Silent Assassin. I’ve played and completed all games ever since except the first one and I think my all times favorites are Blood Money and the latest opus but with a special note to Contracts who had the darkest atmosphere.

Anyway, I signed up here because I wish to do a speedrun of 2016’s Hitman in an accident only run and NG, not NG+. I’ve never speedrunned an hitman before but I think this one has the potential. I would like to know if there are topics specificaly dedicated to speedrunning because I’d like to have as many informations as possible before starting, since the maps are quite huge and the routing is going to be complicated.



Welcome to the forum!

You can check out the following topics for posting or discussing speedruns.


Thank you, I’m going to check them out and hopefully someone will help me build a run!


Hey guys!

First time, long time.

My name is Yacub Yacubian and I’m from Mount Elbrus.

I’ll mostly be silently browsing the forums and liking random and rule bending comments.



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From time to time I just check an old message conversation I had with Dreb when I notice a new profile pic showing up in the likes and comments. That’s how I know when he changed names.


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Hi! I’m brand new to the Hitman forum and just wanted to make myself known. Huge fan of the game and I consider myself a fairly decent source of information and I look forward to sharing strategies and discussing the game with the rest of you!:+1:


Hey everyone!

My name is Josh. I’m 20 years old and I was born and raised in Australia (Still living here currently). I’ve been on this forum for just over a year now (I know this introduction is kinda late, but shut it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hitman is one of my most favourite game series, my fist Hitman game was Absolution and I absolutely loved it. 2016 is my favourite Hitman game though. As for other hobbies, I don’t really have anymore. Never really liked sports or anything similar to that.

I know this introduction is kinda late (Kinda may be an understatement) and tbh I’ve never really been good at introductions, as you can probably tell seeing how this is so late. Anyways thank you everyone on this forum, eveyone here is so nice and helpful :smiley:


Don’t forget the detail about being part of ESG


And apparently this needs to be part of my introduction as well (Just pretend it is) image


No worries, better late than never. Tbh i wen’t straight to the like button after seeing your cat avatar. :heart_eyes_cat: