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Here’s a better picture of my cat just for you :smiley:


Awhhh thanks, such an adorable fur ball. <3
It’s a male right?


Yeah he’s a male.


Hey guys, joined the forum a while ago but never posted anything, looking to fix that now.

I’m relatively new to the Hitman series. I had only played Codename 47 and SA a few years ago but never even completed them. Last year i saw the Hitman Collection on sale and i decided to give the series another try. Played through all 5 games in the collection and loved them (Even if the first two were pretty frustrating at times). Bought Hitman 2016 and loved it even more, one of the few games that i don’t seem to get tired of. It’s rare to see a game series this old only get better with each instalment, even Absolution was fun as a stealth game.
So yeah, the Hitman series has quickly become one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to joining the duscussions and talk about Hitman stuff.:grin:


Hello, I used to go by Socio on the old forum. I joined again when the forum changed to discoursed, but lost access to the email I used to register.

I’m a “professional” lurker, been lurking since 05’ or so. Back when the OGs were active - Tron, Veritas, Kitty, darkghost, epsilon, Zoolander, monkeyman, ID (glad to see he’s back to activity).

Well, hello there HMF. I may return to lurking, maybe I’ll stay pseudo active :ghost:


Hello dear HMF users, I am new to this forum! I use WatIsLove or MEYRA nicknames when gaming.

I am a big fan of HITMAN games, and been playing since 2005. Blood money and HITMAN™ 2016 are my favourites.

Looking forward to getting know more of you and having fun discussions on and off the forum!!

Feel free to send me a friend request on steam if you wanna play something together (link in my profile)!


Hello there. Welcome to the forum!


Hello, I am Tranger. This introduction is a bit late, as I have been here for quite a while now. But here goes, the first HITMAN game I have ever played is Absolution, and because of the style of Absolution I thought It was okay to kill people, so I just busted on through the game and killed everyone in my path. Then I heard there was a new HITMAN game, so I bought It when I had saved enough (24th of December 2017), and absolutely loved it. And because there was a very good training level (Absolution’s wasn’t that great tbh), I quickly realized when Diana said no collateral damage that I maybe should try only killing the targets, and when I played the first 4 missions (and nope no colorado and marrakesh, that was too hard for me back then) I absolutely loved the map designs, I quickly became addicted to this game. And now I’m still here playing it at 11 am


Hello! this is my first time here, nice to meet you!


Hi Phill here
Iam New member and want to share my runs and find some people who love hitman franchise as me :wink: I’ve allready created topic in general hitman 2016 :wink: look there :wink:


So many new people coming lately, hello Phil and Carla welcome to the forums! :wink:


You are still new too hue


Hi there,

I’ve been playing and creating player contracts for a while but they usually don’t get many people playing them… so I decided to sign up and participate in the user contracts thread.

Looking forward to sharing, taking part and having fun with everyone’s contracts here.


We shall look forward to it too. It’s always great playing other people’s contracts and having them play ours. Which platform do you play on?


Ah, forgot to mention that. I play on the PC.


What’s up I’m new to the forum


What’s up.

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