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welcome @KINGJOKER and the other thousand people that I missed :eyes:


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Hello! New one here, but long time Hitman fan. Played Sapienza over dozen times when it was free this weekend on Steam. I was so impressed, I bought the whole game, GOTY edition no less. My god, this is the best HITMAN game I’ve played in a looong time. All the memories of Blood Money returned upon delving into the beautiful Paris level, the sweet satisfaction of shooting Cross square in the heart as he turned around whilst 47 sat in chair, like a Bond villain assassin - my god, you guys created something stellar! I just want to support the devs and continue with the story! :slight_smile: Cheers!


Welcome to the forum Yuri :smiley:


Hi im jemmia65 and new to this forum and what most of you would probably call a noob lol. However this does not stop me from loving the Hitman game since i discovered it in late february this year. I have been working my way through the challenges though there are a few which i admit i’m struggling with and a few i dont have access to but i’m glad to be here and to find a whole community of people who share the same passion for this game.


So you joined 8 hours ago and are already a $10 patreon… that’s a new one.


i actually have popped in and out of site since I first got hitman game over a month ago and found the site a great help. I believe that a lot of hard work goes into up keeping a site like this, not only by the members but to have some kind of moderator system and it seems a small price to pay.


Hi, I’m new. Nice to meet you.


Nice to meet ya Mr. Claus and welcome to the forum :smile:


hey Santa … nice to meet you too. Welcome on board …


HI I´m Michael - I´m new to this new kind of Hitman - and I don´t understand it
I have played the introduction THE FINAL TEST so why is it, that I can´t get any futher - the game always want me to go to playstation STORE - but I already purchased the game, so what does it want me to do . pay more!!
just to continue the game - is that´s what it´s all about - you can play the test and and practice, and now if you want to go to the real contract, you need to pay more - or do I have to come up with iddeas to make contracts in order to join more games online - it´s complicated for me - what´s next ???

Best - Mike


Welcome Mike!

Try this:
Browse the PSN on your playstation. Go to Restore Licenses and follow the steps there.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks - I´ll try that


Hi, I’m all new here! I just downloaded the game app in my tab and followed the instructions, I’m finally here. I played hitman game on ps2 when I was under 16 I guess… well hey everybody I need to know about everything about this family


Let me understand this correctly… the official HITMAN app redirected you here?

This is further confirmation we are now the official forum!


Welcome on board, hope you enjoy the game and community.


I do remember seeing a link to this forum at


Hi, I’m new here. I have been stalking this forum for about two months and now I decided to create an account.

My first hitman game was absolution. It was on a sale on steam for only 1$! I looked at the trailers and decided to buy it. I enjoyed it a lot. Then at e3 2015 HITMAN™ was announced, so I decided to dig deep and play other hitman games. I fell in love with them, and understood why people didn’t like absolution. Here’s my list of hitman games, from best to the worst:

  1. HITMAN™ (Best game overall, I don’t get how you can not like it.)
  2. Silent assassin (Second best)
  3. Contracts (Best atmosphere)
  4. Blood money (I don’t get why people think it’s the best, the AI is bad, to get SA you have only two-three ways to kill the targets. Where’s the freedom everyone is talking about? I guess they got their nostalgia glasses on or just follow a popular opinion to look cool.)
  5. Codename 47 (Has lots of flaws but its an old game, so it’s pretty good for its time)

I don’t count absolution as a hitman game, so it’s not on the list.

I hope I’ll have a lot of fun in this place! :smiley:


Hello, I’m new here, but I’ve been playing Hitman for about six months now. I’m hoping this forum will help me get back into the game


I’m just here for a badge