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Hello everyone, another new user here!

First Hitman game I’ve ever played was Contracts, and I lurked around this forum for a bit before deciding to join. Overall, I’m really happy I found this community.


Welcome! :grinning:

Your favorite part of the franchise?


Not sure if it’s my favorite, but it definitely was a great game. I loved the atmosphere in Contracts - very mysterious and gritty at some points, especially with the Meat King’s Party.

But the artwork. Good lord the artwork is what snared me into playing Hitman in the first place



I remember my adolescent brain saying “That is some cool shit right there”


Heya! Guess We’re a little late to the party… better late than never right? Been loving on the Hitman series since Contracts. But Blood Money blew us away! It’s awesome to have such an detailed world of open possibilities and this great sand-box style where each mission can be re-played like a new game. And with the new contract mode… it never gets old.

Best part of Blood Money IMHO was the American locations right in my backyard and they did it with such fine detail - you could tell someone had done their homework. I mean, the New Orleans mission had the correct uniforms and badges for Police and the crowds were crazy as Mardi Gras infamous reputation. Things just kept getting better as they kept the best of previous assets and added new ones to make it more badass.

This is a shared account. So my name is Dexter but just Dex is what my friends and family use so just call me that.

I’m usually the one posting but my sister does too. Straight up, we don’t always agree but she’s really cool and like a best friend. Respect. Let’s hear it for real girl gamers out there! :heart_eyes:

My sister’s name is Star. But her friends call her Starlight Gem of the Western Sky - Harbinger of Beauty and Glamor to adorn the Celestial skies… um, ya know what? Just stick with “Star” :wink:

We are very active on the game and we like the forums here. So its very nice to meet all of you! We’re pretty much a tag-team. We think alike so much. Its like we’re on the same frequency. But IF its different… one of us will say so. Otherwise what we type stands and speaks for both of us!

I’m Agent 47 and she’s Diana… giving me detailed information and hints on what to do next.

We really enjoying the new HITMAN series. We play it more than any other game on X-Box right now. Being able to design your own targets is great and I hope they add more customization to it like stealing hidden items, protecting a VIP, or having more targets. Even picking a person from a separate mission and putting them in the contract mode. Caruso in Hokaido getting a pysche eval or something. That would be so cool!

Season 1 kept Instinct from Absolution - I see that as a major plus. I really liked it because it helped you feel like you really were Agent 47 and seeing things from his eyes and perspective. Kinda like Detective Mode in the Batman Arkham Asylum series. Coins from Blood Money were brought back but we’re missing the signature sniper case! 47 HAS to have that! You could upgrade it to be where it was undected and whether you wanted multiple shots or a single super one shot/one kill. I hope we will see the case and an ever better sniper rifle for season 2 and let you upgrade gear and your weapons with the cash you make like BM.

And as for location? Damn, Blood Money had it all. From the bayous of Lousiana, to the shinning lights of Las Vegas, sunny California, and even the frickin white house itself?! I don’t think you can outdo that! These new locations are awesome but… damn, how do you top that?

As much as we love this game, we have to point out some frustration:

Guards are too unrealistic. Just because you go past a no trespassing sign doesn’t mean they will shoot you unless its a millitary installation perhaps. Also, Officers shooting in crwoded areas with lots of people and colateral damage? No. They wouldn’t shoot in a room of people just to get you. Maybe give them tasers to stun you or something. And you would still have a brief moment to fight back before they caught you. Hmm… I wonder if they implemented a captured scene where you use your skills to get out jail or holding area. Hmmmm…

There’s also times where it seems like guards can see through walls and sound the alarm when there is no way anyone saw you. Gets a little old after a while. Also, for season 2, a neat idea might be the camera and alarm system. If there is a guard watching the cameras and you do something illegal, they should contact the other guards. 47 could have the radio frequency to monitor it or steal one from somebody. There could be infrared areas that could be seen with the right equipment.

Then there’s lag. At least it seems that way to me. 47’s movements are pretty good but the targeting doesn’t always line up or your busy sabotaging something while the guards shoot the hell out of you but you can’t do anytyhing until the task is done or your dead. Come on, guys! You need to get out of that situation and finish it later! Also, I think some more hand to hand combat would be cool. The down and out martial arts that we saw a bit of in Absolution and also Season 1? I’d like to see more.

And contracts - let us delete or edit our work. Sometimes its just a test. Others we want to ramp up the challenge with something. or not make it so hard.

Anyhoo… open world sand-box games are Dex’s favorite. So I like other things like the Elder Scrolls and Grand Theft Auto. Star loves RPG’s and is more old school with JRPG;s or PC games like the infamoius Undertale and Five Nights at Freddys. But this is one of the rare games she plays out of that genre because its so good. I’ve seen her play before I go to bed and then as I get dressed for school… there she is. Still playing! Didn’t even realize how time flies when your having a blast!

We both love Anime. Going to Anime Expo this year as the gang from Konosuba! :smirk:

Anyway, most of this is just us talking but it is just an introduction so - HELLO :slight_smile:


Fallen inlove with hitman series since Contracts! I’ve never knew we’ve come this far. I’ve been submerging myself completely to Hitman Universe since i bought the Definitive edition last week. What they offer is too much for bucks i’ve payed :smiley:

I’ve been practicing hitman philosophy since then, keeping a lowkey personality. Agent 47 lives in me.


Welcome to the forum, no_fu- oh, come on.


Hi, my nickname is Digger and my Hitman username is D1gger__666. (With a double underscore- forum would only let me put one in for my username here) I’ve been busy with the fibrewire since Hitman 2 Silent Assassin so it looks like I’m coming full circle! I love going for silent, smooth operations, in and out unseen but don’t have the time for suit only runs these days.


I’m just suprised the characters are so similar looking. Looks like a facelifted s1 engine. (I’m so used to Rockstar’s leaps).

Not a complaint in the slightest. All about the gameplay.


Greetings friends. Does anybody know if there’s a way to access the old forum by the way? From, say, 2010 - 2014 or so?


Nope,the old forum got deleted.This one exists since june of 2014 I think


Full story:


Well that’s a bummer, thanks for letting me know.


Go right in Mr. Fuchs. :wink:


I’m pretty new to the forums and already being harassed by the user of the name immadummee47. Pretty sad.


where ?


Hey guys :slight_smile: x

I’m Luna, a female gamer who has played Hitman since as long as it’s been out, one of my best and favourite franchises to date!

Can’t wait for the new game in November, bring it on!


Welcome Luna :smiley: Female gamers are always welcome. There are so few. At least I know a few girls playing videogames



How could you…forget me


Aww thanks Bardachenko :slight_smile: x


Hi there,

I’m xTokyoRose, a name that I hate and was an alt I used on MGO back in the day and created a PSN account with the name, then lost access to my main account.

I like featured contracts primarily, and have played Hitman since Contracts. Missed playing Absolution because I was at Uni, but apart from that I’ve played every game since. I went back to Silent Assassin, but didn’t really get on with it.

I have a YouTube channel I started about a month ago. Play on PS4, which is desperately lacking in competition for contracts.

That’s kind of it.