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Welcome in! Are you excited for the new game in November?


I am, obviously, but I think that people are obsessing a little too much with their speculation.

The contracts section of Hitman 2016 is one of the greatest implementations for creating content in any video game. Even 2 years on there’s so much to explore in Hitman 2016. I’m more interested in content I can play tomorrow than in half a year.


Welcome XTokyoRose :slight_smile:


Hi am Stan or you can call me clayman,

Happy to join the team, hoping to help make the gameplay more enjoyable


Bardachenko you’ve got one here! I have a shared account. I’m Dex’s sister. I love the Hitman series. Its one of the few mainstream games I enjoy. Usually I stick with PC games and RPG’s. .Megumin


Greetings my name is Marc

Usually a “Silent” person in the corner of a room, nervously thinking things through.

I have been a Hitman fan on and off for years, since I saw my friend play the first one on his P.C and this Quote Is still burnt into my mind until this day.

“Wake up! Wake up, my friend! It’s the dawn of a new day” the voice is etched into my mind as I played that beginning part so many times.

I was never very good at Hitman games, so only ever played them occasionally (kind of tried all the games in the series each time they came out, but mostly brief plays, but did end up buying them for my game collection) that and I got distracted by other games, but then something clicked with Hitman 2016, and I love it, believe it or not it is still my favourite game I own on the PS4 and I like to go back to and let of steam and just kill people, and no matter how many times I play it, I still love it. I still wouldn’t say I am any good at it, but even so at least I have fun with it in my own way.

Hitman 2 is exactly what I wanted and have pre-ordered the collectors edition.

I have no plans to play it in the co-op bonus mode that comes with it, because I am anti-social I work alone, no partners, a lone gunman.



:rofl: perfect rosponse thanks


Hey, wassup!

So, I have went back in the past on this thread & just noticed I have not even properly introduced myself.

This is going to be a bit awkward since I was here for a good 7 month’s worth (time flies fast when you are having fun) But I decided to tell y’all a few facts about myself n’shit so back on topic:

My name on this forum is @ObiBobi18 but my real name is Jane Ozbej Rus, (No I don’t have to do anything with Russia & I am not russian) but in all seriousness I never use my real name ‘‘Jane’’ but usually prefer our family’s middle name ‘‘Ozbej’’ of who’s cute shortening is ‘‘Obi’’, that’s the first part of my name covered, then the second part ‘‘Bobi’’ is…well I needed to choose something to rhyme with Obi but ‘‘Kenobi’’ woul be just a bit over the top so I chose random letters and here we are sitting today with ‘‘Bobi’’, and then the last part of my name a.k.a numbers 18 are - you wouldn’t believe it’s true but I actually have to tell you that I am not 18 - that would be 21, but 18 is my favourite number. (Idk why it just sounds cool! SO SHUT UP!)
My birthday is on 5th October, I was born in Slovenia, I am part latin-portuguese, one of my granddads was scottish, I don’t have a specific accent but I mostly speak with very hard tones to signify my ‘‘Slovene’’ presence, I have had many jobs from being a nurse, nanny, chef, nghtclub waitress ect.

NOW finally enough of my Biography and let’s talk about Hitman!
In best explanation for me Hitman is basically that one guy that’s quiet in the corner & seems very nice but when you become his friend he never shut’s up and you realize that he’s on serious crack. He is mostly cool & brings many surprises & is full of joy BUT there was this one fuckup which killed our friendship (You maybe know which game that is don’t you?) but then we slowly tied our bonds again. LITERALLY THAT
The first game I played was Blood Money in 2010 when I was 14 years old when I became a serious gamer and stuff, AND I LOVED IT, and till 2011 I finished every Hitman game, & I was eagerly awaiting absolution which spoiler alert WAS GARBAGE! Then the new HITMAN was showing up, I rolled my eyes on it, but still by some magic decided to pick it up on a low price, AND LOVED IT!
That being said my favourite game has To be Hitman Blood money specifically the level ‘‘Dance with the Devil’’.

So here we go, a bit more about me! Thanks for reading this whole fucking essay! :wink:


Omg that’s my birthday too :star_struck:


I learned just recently you are no male, I thought so because with your nickname I always had Obi-Wan Kenobi in my head :joy:

Doesn’t matter anyway. On the internet every girl is a guy and every child is a FBI agent. But in the end, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.



@ObiBobi18 @AGENT_58 my Daughters birthday is also on Oct 5th





Wait… You’re a dad? One is named Diana??? I can bet on that because that is what I’ll do the day I’ll become a dad


Lmao no… I thought of going for the name Victoria haha but my wife didn’t care for it lol we both later decided on the name Alexis; which is my name (Travis) and my wife’s name (Alicia) together :blush:


Aww man I was thinking for the past years that I would also named my daughter Alexis because my name is Alex.
And if I will ever have a boy I want Alexander. But that is what I want. Chances are that the partner will decide :unamused: But that is for a far future. I’m missing the key element of a wife for the moment.

But any way, wonderful name Alexis.


That would be cool actually! Also, I later found out that Alexis is more common to be a boys name in Greece, rather than the US where it’s more common for a girl. I found that interesting lol

But yeah, thank you @badeaguard I like it too! And don’t worry, you’re a handsome fellow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You’ll find a woman I’m sure. Remember good things come to those who wait :wink:


Hey guys I’m kinda new here;


Welcome kinda-new-here;!