Introduce Yourself


Hi , it’s Keith.
Newby here. Nice to see ya.



I love the Hitman series and have been wanting to join the most passionate community for it for a while now. It is really awesome to read about all of the interesting discoveries, concepts, and yes even some of the arguments!

I first got into Hitman when looking for a game to play and bought the Hitman Trilogy pack. I couldn’t beat Anathema, I could barely handle Contracts and proceeded to slowly work my through Blood Money.

After falling in love with Blood Money, I went back and eventually mastered SA and Contracts. I waited for the full release of Season 1 and thus am very appreciative of the reactivation of ETs.

My favorite game is HITMAN Season 1 but Contracts is an extremely close second.

That’s my Hitman story and I hope to add to the conversation when I can! Super excited for HITMAN 2, more than I have been for any game for a long while now.

See you around!


Hey all,

Interested in the conversation going on and thought I’d join in.

My only experience with the franchise thus far is HITMAN. I would love to play the older games but that will have to wait for when I get the capabilities.

Anyway, gotta get back to it so… Hello and goodbye!


Hi all, I’m Steynkie69, new to the forum, but an old Hitman fan. Started with Hitman 2 back in the day, then fell in love with Blood Money and still have it installed on my old Windows XP PC. After that I tried Absolution which frustrated me a bit, but was still fun. However, since buying the full first season of Hitman 2016 in April this year, I have become totally addicted. All the different fun ways of killing, and the mastery system to unlock new gear had me obsessed.

Last week I upgraded to the GOTY edition, and I must say The Vector DLC is my favorite level. I have now started fiddling around with the Contracts section, and I am looking for cool contracts to complete. I have written down the top ten that Euler13 recommended, and will go try them tonight. I’m looking for something with puzzles and clever gameplay, but it must also LOOK cool while you’re doing it. Some contracts require you to run around like a mad monkey, throwing stuff all over the place, which is not cool. I prefer stuff like sniper shots that also hides the body, or clever accidents.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell…


Hey VeuwCo here…New to this Forum i was on the last HITMAN 2016 forum tho. Cant wait to play the new HITMAN 2 and see whats new. I also have some suggestions for the next installment but all HITMAN fans who like to play online and Add me on PSN at KingRiviera


hi, i’m new !! my name’s sydney, feel free to hit me up !!


Just realised I’ve never actually used this thread…

Hey everyone, I’m stickpeted, but you can probs just call me Stick :wink: One of my earliest memories of Hitman was messing about with my big bro in Blood Money, and since then I have fallen in love with the series, and subsequently Hitman 2016. During the course of HITMAN 1’s lifecycle, I was fairly inactive here as I was just lurking, but I now have decided to come out of the woodwork and to join this community with the release of HITMAN 2, which I’m sure will be fun! I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m also an official mod for CDPR on Cyberpunk 2077, so come get hyped with me about that too!

So yeah, this post is probably several months too late, but better late than never, eh?


Hey, my first post was nearly two years after I joined, so I don’t think couple months is that bad.


I don’t think I ever introduced myself, and I joined the old forum back in 2005.


Hi all!

My name is Pertti Järnefelt and I am from Finland. I started playing Hitman when Codename 47 was released. I liked game’s base idea and its atmosphere. I had big troubles in “Say Hello to My Little Friend” level. I don’t remember why, but it took some time to master that level. Gameplay was far from perfect, but I played it a lot.

Gameplay was improved in the next game (Silent Assassin) and rating system was a nice addition to game series. I think this game was the real base for the whole series.

I don’t have a lot of memories from Contracts, but I think it was OK game.

Blood Money was very entertaining game and I love the ending of the game. I remember when it was released many players criticized it. How Silent Assassin was way better and how this is the worst game of the series. In my opinion it was the best game of the series at the time.

I was eagerly waiting for the Absolution and… I don’t want to talk about it.

I didn’t have high expectations when HITMAN was released. I didn’t pre-order it. I think about two months after the release date I finally bought it. And I strongly believe it is the best of the series at the moment. HITMAN and its elusive targets are also one reason why I created an account to HMF. I wanted to record my ET runs and thought that maybe I could share them also in HMF.

Now I am waiting for HITMAN Season 2 and my expectations are sky-high. This forum has a lot of extremely good players and I love to watch your videos/streams. Keep up the good work!


Just kidding, i wouldn’t dare, welcome to Hitman Forum. :rofl:


Hey, this is David. I love making friends and playing video games. Beside this, I spend my free time listening to music and watching TV. Game of Thrones is my favorite TV show.


Welcome to the forums David! :smiley:



I’m Raven.

I uhh, I was recently introduced to Hitman on my PlayStation by my dad. he used to play it a lot. I ended up enjoying it and i like to play it from time to time. I enjoy playing fortnite more though

I’m a 13 year old guy (young, I know, but let’s be honest, there are 9 year old kids who like Infinite Warfare which is just terrible to say the last) and I have a love for music. I’m learning to play the piano and I hope that I learn the guitar and drums in the future. Oh, also I like to sing a lot (don’t judge me)

I play Fortnite a lot, but only because a lot of my friends play it and it’s the only multiplayer game that I really enjoy. heck I don’t even play that many games anymore

But yea, that’s all i have to really say

I hope im not pestered for my age xD


Hi Raven :wink:
Welcome to the forums.


Does that mean you have the raven skin? Because if not im dissapointed


yes, I do :wink:

i actually saw the raven skin the first time it came out but wasn’t planning to spend any money on Fortnite
And here I am, with over $200 AUD spent on the game

i should really do something better with my money
(also yes its my money, I use my weekly allowance and repay my parents because I’m not allowed to have my own credit card and account yet)


13??? That is so young!!! At 12 I was escaping school with my lunch money to play Hitman 2 Silent Assassin in internet coffees.
Then walked back home re imaginating in my head how I played and all the details of 47 and his Ballers. Good times.


Cool, and i dont judge, ive spend money on fortnite aswell. Mind showing me your locker? Also when did you start playing


Haha, that’s cool :+1:

Its midnight for me so I cant rn, but I’ll list all I can remember

  • All season 3 and 4 skins, huntress, drift (ew), both starter pack skins, trailblazer (twitch prime), raven, leviathan, love ranger, battlehound, the visitor (blockbuster skin), and probably a few more skins I cant remember
  • Plunja, all season 3 and 4 pickaxes, tenderizer (twitch prime), tat axe (love ranger), victory lap, the carbide and omega pickaxes, and probably one more
  • All season 3 and 4 gliders, high octane (bonus season 3 tier 100 glider), feathered flyer (raven)
  • A total of a whopping 35 dances and over 100 emotes in total (including battle pass and item shop)

I always like to use either trailblazer, battle hound, raven, leviathan, dark voyager or john wick

I usually use love wings, interprid or high octane, victory lap or onslaught and the raven loading screen for irony

I started playing around season 2 near the end, but I only started playing seriously until 30 days or halfway into season 3. I mainly play on PC, and I’ve gotten a lot better at accuracy and building over time. I can play if you want, take a look at my best clips so far here:

(I also like to upload covers onto my channel and recently uploaded a mashup)