Introduce Yourself


Alright cool man, nice skins.

Edit: drift > leviathan


Tbh, I dislike drift because it’s basically a rust lord in better clothes: I always see huntress defaults and drift tryhards, even with the base style.

I don’t really use leviathan that much anymore, but there are skins I barely ever use.


I dont see the resemblance but fair enough


I’m just an agent. Nobody knows my codename except 47.


Hello World…o/

i’m the new intern in the ICA… i’m in charge of cleaning the Sniper Barrels xD

bad jokes asside…

i just arrived, i love Hitman and stealth game series in general ^^


Hello, Hello!!

I’m new to the forum. I am excited to get to know you guys and I’ll do my best to keep my noobish ways to a minimum :yum:.

I just fired up Hitman Gold Edition, so I’ll probably be pretty active here for a good while :laughing:.



How is doing all? I am a newbie here. And I would like to say hell to all of you guys. I searched on google and found this website. Please accept me all.

Thanks for your time!


Why hell?We did nothing wrong to you :tired_face:

Jk welcome to the forum


Hello all, I look forward to…observing. (But it’s nice to be here y’all)


I’m Garrett, also known as Vik. I’m sure if any really old members are left, they might just recall me.


Your avatar suggests you may like Talking Heads.


You have no idea :joy::joy::joy:


Hey I’m new and only played the recent hitman in full detail (and absolution quickly)


Welcome to the forum @Freestyla_Fierce!


Why thank you @IndianAgent47


Hey, I am new as well. Figure I should say some things about myself. As you might have guessed by the number I am twenty years old. I am a born and bred Australian and am studying English at my state university. If you have seen my username then you might have guessed that Blood Money was my first Hitman game and have played all of them since and yes I like the accident kills the best.


Glad to see another Australian here :smiley:
Welcome to the forums!


Same to you to. Where are you from, I’m from Adelaide.


I’m from Brisbane. Long way from you :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that’s a ways to go. It’s been a while since I was in Queensland. Must have been that holiday when I was eleven.