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Sydneysider here. :australia:


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Realized that I never properly introduced myself, so here goes…

Hey guys, I go by REPUBLICAN1992 and I play HITMAN on PS4.

I started playing the series itself much later than the avg player (around 2009-2010) but I became a big fan of the series immediately. I played through all the games with the exception of Codename:47. Blood Money and Contracts are probably my favorite Hitman titles in the series along with HITMAN 2016.

I also started learning how to speedrun the 2016 game last year and enjoy it a great deal along with making contracts and have learned alot of tricks and tips on how to manipulate the A.I. Really looking forward to HITMAN season 2 and making some new videos along with speed running.


Boa noite! I’m a brazilian illustrator and 2D concept artist. My first Hitman game was Blood Money several years ago and I’ve loved the franchise ever since. HITMAN is my favourite, but I really liked BM, Contracts and, surprisingly, Hitman GO.

Apart from Hitman, my favourite games are Borderlands 2, Overwatch and Osu!.

I like old music, western films and language learning. Carpenter Brut is my favourite artist (not an old timer though) and True Grit (2011) is my favourite film. I took some japanese and faroese lessons, and am now trying my luck at norwegian!

I am currently a freelancer, since the unemployment situation is pretty dire in my country. I draw some Hitman fan art on my spare time.


Welcome to the Forum!


Hi guys I’m unuGhidorah :wave::grinning: or Ghi for short. I’ve been on the forums a few weeks but forgot to introduce myself!

My real name is Woody and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the states. I’m a game designer and, of course, HITMAN lover!!!

I’ve really come to love the Hitman games over the last couple of years putting giving a ton of time to Blood Money and the absolute most time to Hitman 2016. Hitman 2016 quickly became, quite possibly, my favorite game ever. I’m usually not a big leaderboards / competition driven person but I’ve loved trying to get on the leaderboards for escalation missions and being so happy and proud when I’ve gotten in the Top 125 on the Global Leaderboards!

The games that I personally like working on the most, right now, are for game jams because they challenge me and I always learn something new! We do game jams every two weeks with our group
A few of the prototypes that I’ve been lucky enough to work on may even be downloadable as a full game someday soon! And the board game prototypes… I get to keep those and play with friends and family.

The game I’ve designed that I am most proud of was for our “COVER JAM” a few months ago. Where the idea was “Why can a band cover another band’s song but a developer can’t cover another developer’s game? Now we can!”

Of course I chose HITMAN!

I decided to really stretch my limits and challenge myself I would turn Hitman in to a board game. It would be fun to try to distill the mechanics, experience and goals of Hitman in to a totally different medium. In 9 days I had a fully working prototype with a target to kill, sneaking, shooting, dragging, knock outs, hiding places, opportunities system, trespassing zones, throwable busts, distractions, exploding rubber ducks and disguises!
I took it to the game jam showcase and won 1st PLACE!

Here are some pics of the prototype on the night of the win and the night after:

This year I’ve also finished a short film that I wrote and directed with a close friend. It’s titled Broken Bread. We made the film for $140USD. It was an official selection of the Fringe Fest here as part of the Digital Fringe. It was a super fun exercise in storytelling, production, direction and especially guerilla film making!

Here’s the film if you’d like to watch:

And lastly I also finished the design, construction and birth of the PHILLYTRON! A 4 Player Arcade Cabinet that is an ambassador for all things Philadelphia Indie Games. It has around 15 games, and growing, that were all made in our local community. I made it with a few other local developers to show off cool, interesting, crazy and weird games we make in our community. We were asked to showcase the game at the Game Masters exhibit, for the last few months, at the Franklin Institute of Science, Education and Research.

Here’s a promo for the exhibit:

Here it is at the museum:

It’s been an amazing year of creative pursuits. Excited for more exciting projects coming soon and to meet more of you all and talk Hitman! :duck::grinning::fire_extinguisher:


I’m liking you already, welcome!


I’m and it guy from Berlin and I just really like playing Hitman. Oh and I’m the best :wink:


Welcome dude, good to have you here!!



Hello, my name is Duckilous but I’m also known as Hoovyspenser on Steam and YouTube and HoovySteam on reddit.
You may have seen me posting on the Hitman Steam Forums from time to time and I still do but they’re not as active and there’s barely anything interesting there nowadays so I decided to focus on this forum since I like the discussions here and I would like to contribute if I got anything to say (or just lurk as usual because I’m more of a observer and I am a shy person).

I love stealth games and the Hitman franchise definitely became one of my favourite series ever when I first played all the games two years ago. My favourite game out of the four classic Hitman games is Hitman: Contracts.
The 2016 game is one of my favourite games of all times and I can’t wait for the sequel to come out. I don’t like preordering games but since IO-Interactive made an amazing game that got me hooked for 300 hours (and still counting), I trust that HITMAN 2 will be a great improvement over the 2016 game and the gameplay videos of the game seems to be very promising. Then they decided to bring Season One content to the new game, I couldn’t be anymore happier.
I used to think that I couldn’t get the game anytime soon but yesterday, I decided to count money from my piggy bank and what do ya know, I have enough money to even afford the Gold Edition so I bought it today and now I’m even more excited for the game to come out.

Other than the fact that I love playing games, I’m also an aspiring game developer too and I made a few simple games with GameMaker. The biggest project I done in GameMaker: Studio (which was a school project) so far was a platformer with original assets that I made including sprites, background, sounds and even songs. I love listening to video game soundtracks and I would like to be a composer for a game one day so I made a soundtrack for my own platformer game with 10 songs. I also do drawing sometimes.

As I mentioned before, I have a YouTube channel and the content I make are animations made in Garry’s Mod, compilations/highlights of Vinesauce streams and mashups.
I used to play Team Fortress 2 regularly but I’m starting to lose interest when I was playing through my backlog (and there’s still more games and mods to play) and I lost motivation in making more Gmod animations when not many people watches them because making animations is hard and time-consuming and it’s a real kick in the dick when nobody watches them when I put time and effort into them and it doesn’t help the fact that animating with Gmod is really tedious to do so I decided to stop.

Me losing interest in TF2 is the reason why I decided to give myself a new alias called “Duckilous” and I also planning on changing my Steam nickname soon because there’s no point in having a name that is related to TF2 when I’m not as interested to the game anymore. Why did I called myself “Duckilous” you may ask? Because I like ducks… and it’s the only original name I could come up with. Nobody’s using it so I might as well take it.

For the other two content I make on YouTube, I still plan on continuing making more of them, especially mashups because I really enjoy doing them and I made like 30 of them (one of them is HITMAN related), half of them aren’t even uploaded on SoundCloud and YouTube yet but I will soon.

I think that’s all I got to say about myself. I’m from Australia, excited about HITMAN 2, and I hope to make some new friends here. Thank you for reading my comment.


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Not to single you out but it kind of annoys me when people say “TL;DR”. It gives me the impression they have a short attention span and don’t care to read any kind of book because it’s too much work for them.

You would have been better off just saying " Hey, welcome to the forum".


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I never introduced myself.

[Hi my name is Phoenix and I am constantly in need of an adult.]


Hello, I was reading this forum for some time now. Decided to join. People seems to be lot of friendly and active here. :grinning:


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Hi everyone I’m new to the forum thought I would say hi, Some how iv managed to get the top spot on isle of sgail :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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