Introduce Yourself


Hiya! Name’s Chaz, I’m from Scotland, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Hitman series for a while! Been meaning to check out the community proper so I figured I’d poke my head in here!

Also my new favourite weapon is the briefcase, hands down the funniest thing I’ve ever had the chance to throw at someone. That and I managed to land it on its side on a roof in Sapienza:


I’m reintroducing myself; I have been away from the forum for some time. I love the games. I’m not an old old timer like Watson or Amp, but I’m old enough to have played C47 when it first came out. I’m glad to see some familiar names.


Oh, introduction! Hi there! Gal from Czech Republic, i’ve been orbiting the forum for years, but only for tidbits of lore and easter eggs here and there, never really had a reason to register, untill now with H2 (will probably be plaguing the screenshot thread with my Ansel shots a lot, if you allow :slightly_smiling_face:).

My first Hitman game was the Silent Assassin, remember playing it at 12 with my siblings. Didn’t understand a bit of english back then, didn’t know what we are actually supposed to do, so we just competed about who gets the most naked corpses, without being immediately gunned down. Then later, when i learnt some english, i replayed the game properly, fell in love and continued with the franchise.

From older games, Contracts is my favourite game when it comes to atmosphere and Blood Money for the missions. Reboot is whole other ballpark, i enjoyed 2016 A LOT and i feel like H2 will be my absolute favourite, it’s fucking fantastic and i only just started Mumbai, while still being overhelmed by Miami and Colombia.


We have lot in common. Are you single?


I’m here only to talk about 47. Shoo


I am 47. Talk about me.


Hi, I’m Sleepey! :wave: Not played much Hitman in the past (I think I picked up Absolution when it came out… never finished it) but I really love the new games. I’m not super chatty or anything, I’ll probably just chip in where I can. See you around!


Probably should have done this awhile back but… oh well. I joined HMF at the tender age of 15 way back on the old site,I frequented it quite a bit back then made some friends, annoyed quite a few people with my terrible grammar. (Which only has gotten marignally better :wink: ) But most importantly, I made a lot of memories and read a lot of interesting convos. I dipped out from about 2009 til just recently with minor appearances mostly lurking, as I went to college and got married and had a child. However, with H2 on the horizon I recently played through C47 all the way to H2016 in anticipation, falling in love with the franchise all over again. I came back on here to see how it was and noticed a lot of people had gone inactive, RIP. Besides Watson, Agent 17, and (JARdos, Jarbinger?). However, there are still a lot of cool people on here now. :slight_smile: So, anyways see you guys around!
(Sorry for the terrible format, I mostly use mobile.)


Welcome to the forums everyone! I am fairly new myself so I best do my part with some hospitality :grinning::sunglasses:


Yes. Same here. I am on initiate level too.
I feel for new members we should have torture chamber where they need to tell their fasination with Hitman and Agent 47.
Same like initiate torture chamber in Isle of Sgail.
May be older members can ask difficult questions to test worthy forum Member.


I have to say I found it hard to find this introduction thread. I had to search for it as it was all just random posts on the main screen. There is a good chance I just have no clue what I’m doing and it’s my fault but I would have thought it would be pinned or something. My name is William North and I’m new here. I have played all of the hitman games except the latest. I’m waiting to see how much they improve on season one before buying.


Hi everyone! Took me a bit to find a thread like this (usually forums have introduction threads similar to this) so glad I found one.

Names Ian and I been a fan of the Hitman series since Contracts (my first Hitman game) eventually found out their were two previous ones and played them as well and loved them. Been a big fan ever since. Knew about the forum for about a year now and been following it for a while, so I finally decided to make an account and maybe join in on some discussions in the future. Glad to be here, peace.


Welcome honorable Guest, every Pleasure is available inside. :v:


Thanks bro! It’s good to be here


hi, my name is catherine and i got into hitman via the masterpiece that was blood money. i’ve been following this forum since last year but today’s the day i decided to make an account. i haven’t played any of the newer games, my third-world internet doesn’t allow me to download much less even play them. anyways i like the forum so far and i’m really happy to be here :slight_smile:


Greetings all and Happy New Year! Like @Clover, it took me a bit to find this thread…I’m old, 47 actually , Hah <insert random Agent 47 comment here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:> so took a bit of time to find it. ( Note to Devs: some of us old farts are used to “categories” being default view when load a website forum, not “latest.”)

Anyhow, been playing the game since Hitman 2016 GOTY. Also have Blood Money and Absolution, but have not played those yet. I have always been drawn to stealth-type and spy/war games going back to the original Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Splinter Cell series, so Hitman, while a different theme, just fit right in.

I consider myself a casual player who tends to get lost in the levels simply listening to all the conversations, wandering around and looking at the details put into the game, hence you will never see me at the top of a scoreboard with a time of 15 seconds. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hmmm, what else? I game on PC platform on a self-built computer. Building my own system is a hobby, and something else I love doing. Built and re-built current system three times now; changing the case, modifying it, re-designing the watercooling loop…like a puzzle with no instructions, similar to sandbox style of Hitman series.

Anyhow, thank you for having me here and have a great 2019!


Ah fresh meat. Good stuff. Welcome


Hello Everybody.

My name is Dre Zela. Or Andrè, or just my username is fine.
In my free time you can catch me making music. Hip Hop instrumentals, etc. I sampled a lot of Kyd too for my upcoming Album I am eager to share it but I won’t until its done… March 2019 Hopefully?

Im not exactly new on the forum but I recently had a life changing experience. A New Life per se. I wish to contribute to you guys in a civil, friendly way. My motto this year and beyond for this forum is " If you ain’t got nothin nice to say, Dont say it at all". I love Hitman and I can’t wait to share postive energy with the people that share that love for the franchise as well.


Release it on my birthday - March 15! Make for pretty touching gift. :grin:

Jokes aside, good luck with the project.


My birthday is 3 days later so it will release sometime around then . And thank you so much :slight_smile: