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Hi all. I used to be on the SE forums during the first year of HITMAN 2016, but left due to it turning absolutely toxic and being no place for somebody who vocally enjoyed the game… Hoping things are different here :smiley:

Absolutely loving H2 and looking forward to talking about it with lovely people!


Hello, Agents! I’m Andy, from England, and between Hitman 2, Hitman (2016) and Blood Money a lot of my gaming time of late has been taken up with the adventures of everyone’s favourite 47, and it’s become clear to me that I ab-so-lutely LOVE these games, so thought I’d join up here to chat Hitman!

I’ll just be over here having a nice cup of tea. Wait, why does it taste of rat poi-


I guess I never did this.

My name is Robby, I’m from Detroit, and I like to swear and be unorthodox. Don’t mean to offend, so don’t be.

Love Hitman as it’s so unique, BM is my favorite but because it’s the one I grew up on and played the most.

Age is a thing among us Hitman fans, as we range pretty widely. I’m 26, the first time I played Hitman was C47 at a house in India, some relative I had never met before. I was absolute trash at it, being only 12. Now I’m pro status.

I have yet, to this day, to complete C47 (I wish it let you save!)


Well met, friend


Hello, forgot about this thread having found it recently. My name isn’t really SpirantCrayon22. Picked up Hitman towards the end of the first run of Elusive Targets, loved it. Liking 2 a lot, bugs schmugs it’s still fun. Also like Halo CE (first 1000 point Xbox game for me), the Tomb Raider games (Rise my favourite), loved the first Deus Ex (probably my favourite game) and Deus Ex Human Revolution, Unreal, Myst, Quake, various Assassin’s Creed games, Myth TFL was excellent and wildly under-rated, Oolite and Elite back in the day, Civilisation 1/2, Age of Empires 1/2. Alien Isolation is easily the scariest non-real-world thing I’ve encountered; the film is mild by comparison. Come from a very flat place in England. Scientist by trade, Asperger syndrome helps with that. Enjoy a drink, probably too much. Currently got a glass of Glenfiddich Project XX on the go. Best wishes to one and all.


Do you watch the worst witch. I got real bored the other day and watched the first episode to see just how aimed at children it was. Turned out it was very childish and nothing like Harry Potter as I’d hoped. My point is the witches all say well met when they great eachover. Never heard it used before.


Lol I pick up strange and quirky dialogue tendencies. Dunno why


Don’t lie to me you watch worst witch and you love it. It’s fine we all have our guilty pleasures :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:.


It was a typing mistake. Sorry buddy!


Hey all! Glad to join :slight_smile:


hello i am a new member This is my first post. My name is Sinclair 25 years old, nice to meet you.


@wunderfulwhizbang @PaulineSinclair Welcome! Have a pleasant stay.


Welcome noobs New Guys :smile:
Enjoy your stay!


As long as you don’t carry the poison chip blueprints I won’t need you taken out…



oi i’m some old fat fuck don’t mind me


I am Jeanette and like to play gaming series. Other than a game I also like to do other activities as well like crafting and painting.:grinning:


Welcome to the forum, Jeanette :blush:


Thank you so much:smiley: