Inventory carryover

I recently completed Hitman 1 (or season one for technical sake), an must say the story ended quite well, though a bit predictable). Nonetheless, well done IO for a very intriguing an immersive story. Now, my question is, does the gear an equipment we collected in season 1 carry over to use in season 2 or Hitman 2? I certainly hope so, though I do look forward to seeing how t he e story plays out. Even if I’m 13 months late to the party. :v:

It doesn’t carry over sadly. I guess it would have been better to play the story of Season 1 within the Legacy Pack of Hitman 2.

The devs currently imply that the progress of H2 will carry over to H3, though clear, recent statements are not there as well.


Well that’s what I did, played season 1 with Hitman 2 as part of the Legacy pack. I tried playing season 1 back in '16 as part of the monthly content release, but stopped just shy of Colorado map release cause as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a story based gamer, an hated having to wait for the new chapter of the book. No worries though, I love the Hitman series, so I’ll just grind out more gear. Thanks :v:

If you played in Hitman 2, doing the legacy pack thing, all of your unlocks will carry over.

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