Inventory space / Camera is useless

First of all, I noticed that the camera is useless. You can hack a tv, or hack a window to open it. Why not just get close and open it? When not just turn on the TV like we always did? The clues in dartmoor and similar could just be “press f to inspect”. I find that the camera is a roundabout thing.

About the in game inventory, since it gets easily cluttered, i think it should be a clear disctinction between active items and passive items. Active items like wrenches, pistols, etc, anything that you “unholster” to use, are ok to be kept like it is now, in that circle inventory. Passive items like poisons and lockpicks should just be a small icon above the inventory that says that you have it and how many of it you have. No point in having one space for a lockpick, another for a lethal poison, another for a lethal pill, another one for lethal poison mk VIII, etc. And honestly, lockpick skins make no sense in any case.

For example, an idea would be this screenshot, where in the squares would be lethal poison, emetic and a lockpick icons, and a x3, to say there are 3 of, for example, lethal poison.