IO-I/Intel® Speedrun Competition (PC ONLY)


We welcome you to the Speedrun Competition!

Together with Intel, we’re looking to find the most creative and accomplished HITMAN 2 PC player out there! And the rules are simple:

Complete the “A Day at the Races” Featured Contract in HITMAN 2 and earn the highest score with the fastest time to secure placement at the top of the leaderboard and take home a custom HITMAN 2 Gaming PC.

Up for the challenge? You’ll find the contract in the Contracts > Featured Contracts menu and look for the artwork below.

Then, you’ll need to record and upload your gameplay online and complete the form to submit your entry and see how you measure up on the leaderboards. The competition begins on Thursday the 14th of March 2019 for a duration of 10 days.

Are you ready for the ultimate test? Submit your entries on the official competition site.

Important: The Speedrun Competition will only be available on PC and in certain countries. You must be over 18 years to enter – read more here.

If you don’t own a PC or don’t want to speed run, you can also enter the ‘TEST YOUR PASSION’ part of the competition, where you’ll be able to win a custom HITMAN 2 Drone. Just follow this link to enter.

Finally, we’ve set-up an official Speedrun Competition channel on the official Hitman Discord server. This is the go-to place to discuss the competition, share your stories and get inspiration for strategies and taking home the prizes.
Join the Discord server now!

Finally, we want to give a massive shout out and thank you to community member SupremeCommanderIke , who stepped up to the plate and helped us create the two contracts. (They won’t be able to enter the competition or win the prizes!)

Good Luck!


“speedrunning isn’t the way you’re meant to play hitman”

IO: :desktop_computer:


Hahaha, I think IO-I just killed that discussion.


How about an official Ghost Mode tournament with that kind of prizes?
Well, ok, spread GM to all the maps first


I think it sucks that only PC players can enter a contest with some fantastic prizes.

All the same, I wanna wish the PC community good luck!


The like of frote, Mendie, Kotti et al might as well not bother turning up if speedsters like me and @David47 rock up to this. #KingsOfSpeed


I dunno, about 75% of people polled in that other thread said they preferred the slower, immersive approach to playing the game.

There are almost 100 voters


Hope this featured contract is a fun one, will try it for myself tomorrow


Hm I can’t read anywhere it is PC Only on there terms and conditions…


Dude, @ingrobny copied the article directly from the IO newswire.

He did not put (PC Only) for fun; that is the article title that IO wrote themselves.


You heard them, IOI. Change this competition to slowest time on the leaderboards wins the contest.


It’s good that IOI has initiated something rather than just usually monthly boring content updates.
This contest is better than all Elusive targets combined.


But it looks like only PC players can win a PC and we console players can win a Hitman drone in a “test your passion” competition, maybe that’s why IO-I wrote PC only?


Why not give consoles players another consoles if they are giving PC players a PC.


Just checked. There isn’t any new featured contract on PS4, at least in my country.


This looks cool, but I could never be able to speedrun, lol


If you just sit on top most elevation point on earth, you will be moving with speed greater than rest of people.


And what about the other highly skilled Hitman gamers out there who don’t speed run & can show off there skills from mastering the game with ease. What do we get? A cookie??? :joy::joy::joy: What a load of nonsense! Just saying :ok_hand:


If this was me (but it’s not, far from it :joy:) and if I was a PC gamer (which I’m not) I would at least try.


Even if i was a PC gamer, i would not try something that I’m not good at, unless i get a free cookie for at least trying :joy: Just one free cookie plz.