IO-I/Intel® Speedrun Competition (PC ONLY)


Go for the test your passion competition on consoles, you can win this:

I can’t find this featured contract on PS4 here in Norway, so I don’t know which countries is in these 2 competitions.


For those who are uncertain, the “Passion” competition seems to be a purely written competition, in which you describe “3 things you’d change about PC gaming”


There’s an official H2 Discord server? Did David Bateson joined?


Hahaha, that’s why I can’t find a featured contract on my PS4, what a weird question to ask console players :woozy_face:, I asked myself, but didn’t find a answer to that question.


It’s really strange they wouldn’t give consoles the contract, even if they can’t enter the competition, just so they have something extra to play. Oh well :S

You’ll just have to hope it’s not a very fun contract then! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll let you know in 11 hours after I’ve played it


Agree, that was what I thought it was, a contract we console players could play, not just answering 3 questions about a gaming platform we are not playing on :flushed:


:sweat_smile: Yeah, this was my last contract in Paris. Y’all wish you had the finger strength to hold down the run button as hard as I do.

My runs are so fast that you can’t see them. Like, anywhere.


My country is not banned this time? ALRIGHT THEN



I wonder if the PC is better than my own? I tried it, and then exited after killing the final target - after 8+ minutes. It looks like the quickest times are closer to 2 minutes. I personally don’t see the point in even trying. Good luck to you select few special people. I’m sure you’ll put that new PC to good use. :roll_eyes:

Edit: It’s an i9? Nope, mine isn’t better.


speedrun competetion with restricted countries!

please… fo!.


Wait, who are the targets? It’s not on the XB1 Featured Contracts menu.


It’s just for PC gamers, console players can only answer 3 questions about PC gaming (:joy: don’t ask me why, I have no idea why we with consoles are asked about PC gaming) and by doing that we can win a drone.


Random User: “Why do Hitman players Speedrun?”

Seriously tho, great prizes, good luck to all the contenders!


I could really use having an upgraded rig, but it being pink and probably not being focused on silence is not really attracting lmao. Good luck bois!


It’s kind of funny they did this competition now when SA is completely broken, unless they were smart enough to add the ‘do not get spotted’ complication? And if it’s not added, when does this competition end?

If they so happen to fix SA in the next patch and the competition is still going, any runs post patch would be at a total disadvantage if the higher scores are done with trespassing and/or suspicious acts.


Okay guys. I made 28th place. You think I should enter to win?! :crazy_face:

But seriously. Using keycards is still illegal. Every time I had to wait for a couple of people to pass a door I’m thinking; “Fix your shit IO.” Or maybe it’s just because I’m in the wrong disguise and trying to get into another team’s garage? I’m sure I could shave a couple seconds off, but I don’t see getting below a minute.

Had Tom Sawyer by Rush playing while doing this. :expressionless:

I really should post a pic of my PC sometime.


This is unusual of IO. Didn’t expect a speedrunning competition to happen.

Anyways, it’s on. Can’t wait to get home and try this out.


Cool idea, I will be looking forward to this.

People just need to quit being so tribal about it. Clearly the game was designed to be played multiple ways, and they probably wouldn’t have bothered recording 689.000 words of dialogue for the game, if it was only meant for speedrunning. The truth is they know 99% of players will go through the game slowly and clumsily. The beauty of this game is the freedom of approach. Now please shut the fuck about it.


For all PS4 players who want to play it for fun:

A Day at The Races PS4

2-11-0345769-94 (wrong target!)
EDIT: The green racer is the wrong one!

This one is the right: 2-11-1854421-62

Thanks to @JohnnyAxXx


because Intel is the one funding the contest, not IOI. Ask Sony and MS to fund contests for consoles.