IO Interactive Appreciation Thread (Hitman 3)

This forum is nearly always positive, not everyone always agrees, but it’s definitely one of the best out there compared to some of the toxic gaming forums out there. IOI developers are always supporting us the fans and are always listening to our feedback.

I haven’t been active on the forums for quite a bit of time so I haven’t been updated with all the Hitman news, but I was tuning into to the PlayStation live stream and saw “Hitman 3” show and you instantly get the same feeling of excitement when you see any trailer involving 47.

This wouldn’t be possible without the IOI developers and whatever the future holds after Hitman 3, we certainly have had quite the journey with 47.

Thank you IO Interactive and thats before I play, but I know you won’t disappoint anyway! :wink:


Fully agree with your post! Great community spirit and this forum is a great place to be to discuss everything Hitman related, may long it continue !!


Thanks!!! Yeah it is, you don’t get many forums like this one were you can have a good conversation about the game and the franchise. Most gaming forums turn quite hostile very quick when you have a different opinion.

Thankfully Hitmanforum is unique and the IOI take our opinions on board.

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I must really commend the admin team for maintaining the forum in such a way that doesn’t use traditional forum styles. My past history hasn’t been all that great, but I won’t dive into that story right now. What I will say is - thank you admins, for setting the record straight for both me and the forum.

Thank you IO for still making Hitman during this outbreak, I’m sure you’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices to make it happen :slight_smile:
And thank you for letting us be a small part in the decision-making of the game!


Also, thank you for Jarbinger and the mods for maintaining (and paying for!) this humble meeting place of words :slight_smile:


I agree with a lot of the dudes in here, but still. All the folks at IOI, not just the admins, deserve an epic thank you. I was never expecting HITMAN 3 in the PS5 reveal, but it’s like an extremely wanted surprise and it’s those same folks at IOI who made it happen; so that’s again a big thanks.

Thanks Company for making Products i enjoy in exchange for money.


Thanks People who work at a Company for making Products i enjoy in exchange for money.


HMF might be the only true safe haven on the internet right now. Literally everywhere else it’s people yelling at eachother.

And all it took was a bald killer clone…


Yeah they definitely do indeed. Like I say it’s awesome to see the likes of @Clemens_IOI, @Travis_IOI and other IOI devs active on the forum listening to fan feedback. Like you pointed out I was also surprised to see Hitman 3 show up in the PlayStation reveal and when I saw it I immediately thought how great it is to be a Hitman fan!!

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I’m still in awe from Hitman 2016. My biggest respect for IOI is that the team has A LOT of experience and talent in developing, you can tell after decades of being a gamer. I don’t know much about what’s going on at IOI, but I hope that they have fun at making these games, and that they have a financially secured future so they can feel safe as artists.

As for this forum, there’s a little less Nazis for my taste.


Long live the Hitman franchise…


Thanks to IO with its great game Hitman. Even today, I’m still enjoying playing Hitman :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Even the old games like Blood Money are still fun in 2020 :slight_smile:

Looking forward to Hitman III and the conclusion of the last Hitman trilogy. Impatient to discover the new levels :blush:
Thanks for all !

There are a few exceptions, but most of the people on this forum are kind and rational to one another. No “I’m better than you because of A or B”. We have threads about everything we can think of making us a close community.

It has to do with us identifying with the characters and the love we have for them. I’m proud of this community, and I’ve seen it become better and better every year since 2016.

Special thanks to IO and all of you!

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And the good old Silent Assassin and Contracts!! :wink:

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I’ve come back with Hitman 2 to work through the rest of the Featured Contracts.

I have caught up to all but thirty or so of the Featured Contracts now.

I have spent more time playing HITMAN2016 and Hitman2 since 2016 than any other video game.

The AAA game space is getting crowded, and is increasingly more expensive and time intensive to generate a product worthy of purchasing.

IOI makes a niche product. The player base who want to play a stealth game requiring patience and repetition like Hitman is not as great as those who play a sandbox shooter like GTA 5, or Fortnite.

However, in terms of quality of the product, HITMAN2016 and Hitman2 is the best of its class, which explains why IOI can afford to go independent and expand their small company.

My hopes is that IOI continues beyond their Hitman trilogy series after 2021 with more Hitman.


I got into Hitman with the 2016 release and I’ve been in love ever since. I bought the Collector’s Edition for Hitman 2 and I fully intend to keep supporting you guys to the fullest extent of my financial ability with whatever edition you put out for Hitman 3. It’s been a phenomenal ride and I hope this franchise keeps going for years to come.

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Fingers crossed!! :wink::wink:

They have said that this completes the trilogy (obviously) but I don’t think this will be the last Hitman game we see, but I guess that will depend on how successful this one is. The carry over system from Hitman 2 has sure wet a few appetites that’s for sure :drooling_face:

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