IO Interactive Narrative Timeline **NOT COMPLETED** **NEW UPDATE**

Is 47 immortal and don’t age?

From what I’ve read from other threads that I can’t recount, 47 apparently ages slower than normally hence why he looks like a young adult at the age of 50.

This is somewhat proven by the fact IOI have removed the numbers in 47’s barcode to make him “timeless”.

I would also like to say that this is an extremely well done thread and I applaud @SwingSwang.

Once Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2’s timeline is done, this will be perfect.

I also managed to see Etta Davis quite a few times throughout the timeline, huehuehue.

Please PM it to me if you can! I’ll be sure to credit you for your contribution. I just wanna keep the thread as organized as possible.

47 was designed genetically to fit in anywhere with that being said the oldest 47 Looked was in Absolution, but with the wonder’s of genetic cloning age is wonky.

I’m currently trying to pin point everything for Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 since the event’s of those games take place in 2019 and from what I assume 2020. I wanna add assassination dates for ALL elusive targets so the idea is I will place the Season 1 targets within a 2016-2017 years alongside their respected original release window with the only exception being Vito Duric who had affairs back in 2018.

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Sounds interesting, hope you find all the info you need, huehuehue

It’s definitely a task and for that I’m making sure I flesh out what I currently have first before I move on to H2016 and H2. I will usually post updates Daily and will have “Patch Notes” for this thread so people know what changes.

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Well I wish you the best of luck on that mate, can’t wait to see what you’ve found

If 47 was cloned in 1965 and assuming he was 30 years old adult when cloned, then 47s current age is not @55 but it is @85.
H2 takes place in 2019 which I rounded to 2020 for age calculation.

He is in his mid 50’s as of 2020

He was 30 in 1965
He is 85 in 2020.

He was not cloned as an adult. He was an embryo that matured to a viable and functional human baby that could be removed from its growth chamber on 9/5/64. The fact that Ort-Meyer’s records and, you know, Hitman 2’s cutscenes, deal with incidents of him as a child, all sort of confirm that.

In any event, I think IO just removed the numbers on the barcode as a way to save on animating details. For an in-universe explanation, 47 just had his barcode re-tattooed without the numbers after putting that huge cut through it in Absolution.

That’s how cloning works. First attempts at cloning (sheep I believe), had clones die soon after being born, because DNA they used for cloning,was from old specimen about to die from aging. It’s because DNA is getting damaged overtime. So we should add age of human 47 was cloned from at the time he had his DNA extracted to 47’s age.

One of the Hitman 2 mission takes place in April 2019.

Which, and do you have a source for that info please?

In mumbai there is calendar at few places on map with April 2019 page visible.

Sorry, I don’t see that as evidence of when that mission is set. I still have a calendar from 2017 hanging up in the kitchen haha.

Yes it’s not a direct reference. But most probably developer’s wanted to tell us it takes place in April 2019.
It’s at multiple locations on map. And calendar matches actual calendar date and day wise.
Not many people will keep calendar with wrong month hanging at the same time.

There are at least two different April showing calendars in game and none of them matches April 2019 IRL. I would not pay them too much attention, bc they’re all over the place with dates. (they both have 6th and 7th marked tho, dunno why)