IO Interactive Narrative Timeline **NOT COMPLETED** **UPDATED**


There are at least two different April showing calendars in game and none of them matches April 2019 IRL. I would not pay them too much attention, bc they’re all over the place with dates. (they both have 6th and 7th marked tho, dunno why)


@Dilbert and @doom-generation I’ll review the information that is available in-game and what’s available among the forums/wiki. Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 or the 2019/2020 years I will be focusing on last because I wanna establish every past event’s first because this timeline is one giant puzzle that I’m slowly piecing together with the contribution of the community as my aid.

Doom I will review your document and check out what note’s you have and how I can intertwine that with the foundation of the already existing timeline that was provided via the wiki. I will make sure that you are aware of what I will put in this thread and ultimately for the final product.

As a final note, anyone who wants to contribute to this project PM me so I can direct you in the right direction for this timeline because we still have a lot to cover and minor details to share. I do plan on putting the completed timeline in a PDF so anyone can download it and a good grasp on the Narrative of IO Interactive Games.


Irrelevant. 47 was not cloned in a way that mimics real-life cloning. That’s the whole basis of Codename: 47 and Blood Money. 47 was:

A) cloned from 5 different men as a perfect recombinant clone, something which is not possible in the results we see

B) Given a 47th chromosome to increase his physical capabilities, while in real life such a condition just leads to Downs Syndrome

C) Made this way by Ort-Meyer through a process that is never explained in the games, it’s just said that only he knew how to do it, the scientific community laughed at him for it, and without his notes, nobody can properly replicate his work

So forget anything you know about real-world cloning and how it applies to this series; it does not. Irrespective of how old the DNA samples were when taken from the donor specimens, it is confirmed, just from the fact that 47 did canonically have a childhood, that he started life as a baby, or some form of equivilant protohuman. His age, as of H1, is 55. Physically, he is theoretically younger, genetically he is theoretically older, but practically, he is 55, or perhaps 56 by the end of H2.


That’s cool. For my information, I tried to use the wiki as little as possible because I was finding a lot of bad info on it. Did a lot of combing through the HD Collection on PS3 for most of it, so it’s original research heavy, with a dollop of logical deductions, rather than speculation.


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