IO Interactive On Walking Away From The Hitman Series


definitely bittersweet, but i’m also looking forward to how they handle the Bond IP. and we’ll always have HITMAN 3 to play for next few years while we wait


i hope they walk carrying a plate)


I hope the Bond Game will be better than the K&L Games, because I’m not going to buy bullshit just to support IO.

i hope it’s not such a long break from Hitman like it was from Blood Money to Absolution.


Looking forward to the Bond IP as well. Hitman 3 will definitely be replayable for the next few years.

IMO it’s a good decision. They should be known for more than Hitman and I’m sure that the Bond IP will be a good thing for them.


it probably will be tbh. they have the Bond game + their new multiplayer IP. thats quite some time

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I guess Malmö is handling the new IP while Copenhagen will take care of Bond, or the other way around. i dont think it will be 4 Years of Bond and additional 4 Years for Children of Planet Whatever.

going open world will never be a good option for Hitman.


it could work as an immersive sim-style open world, i think. but then there would have to be a few of these hubs in different parts of the world to make it interesting

A thousand times this. A jillion times this!


IO is walking away from its most iconic franchise – at least for the time being.

Glad that they are taking a break from the franchise, giving it room to breath, so they can revisit the series again with fresh ideas. I wouldn’t mind if we didn’t get a new Hitman game for the majority of the new generation of consoles or until the next one.

As great as these two games have been and assuming the same is true for the third game. They also been very similar, to a degree it have felt more like a series of topnotch dlc, then entries in their own right. With each title it has been less exciting and at this point I am struck by a bit of Hitman fatigue.

I would hate if they just keep on releasing Hitman game with little innovation and the series ended up looking like a yearly release such as a FIFA and COD.


Realistically we might not see the next Hitman title for another 4/5 years.

Glad to see they’re branching out with something new in 007. That could be awesome and can’t wait to see how IO handle that story.


man, k&l had such potential. i imagined it’d be hitman for heists… boy, was i wrong. still, with two strong lead characters, a potentially interesting multiplayer, and the second game’s incredible aesthetic, i hope they reboot it at some point.


Makes sense, no studio should make games for one series over and over, it will get stale. I wish them good luck on James Bond series and any new project they might work on.


I think a new hitman game will be released towards the end of the PS five and series X life cycle but until then I think IO will put all their focus into their upcoming IP’s

There is also another possible scenario going on here (but is also just speculation): since we know that IO don’t actually own the Hitman IP and just have an exclusive license to it from Square Enix, what if that deal was only in place to allow them to finish the trilogy as planned - and now they’ve had to branch out to other IPs because that deal is about to come to an end?

They could just be spinning it to make it sound like it was their decision to take a break from Hitman.


I think Bond will be Absolution-2 and plus WoA Things. It’s not a break, just to moving forvard

Highly doubt that this is what’s happening, but it’s not impossible so still a remote possibility.

Plot twist :

They have a 100 years exclusive license. Like the United Kingdom and Hong Kong city :joy:

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2021 is coming