IO INTERACTIVE: Please make open source HITMAN: Codename 47!

Good night from Russia, dear friends!
Since the realase first part of Hitman being 16 years.
Despite the time, the first part is still the most favorite among the many gamers that played during the entire series of games. Especially in Russia!
Because at the time, in spite of the serious economic crisis and the lack of an official distributor, this game was one of the most popular in our big country - CD’s with a pirate translation flew by mail and on the markets, the game has won the hearts of millions of gamers those days.
I was among them. This unusual mechanics, these large and interesting levels with a lot of loopholes … despite the artificial Intelligence, that sometimes behaving unpredictably, in this game you want to play again and again!
But time goes. In terms of technology the game is obsolete. I’d like to give my favorite game a second life, even banal adding new screens resolution.
I understand that you are now engaged in other projects and are not going to dwell on this, so I propose to transfer the game into the hands of the community - to make open source code and game engine for gamers that we can independently bring the game to desired level.
With respect and hope for a positive response,
Pavel, your fan from Russia.


Woah there! Wait so you’re saying to basically give the franchise to the fans for free and develop it themselves>?

No, it’s so that players can add mods to the game (I think).

O… K… Thanks dude.

Like they open-sourced Doom back in the day I suppose.


Well, it is a very old game so I don’t see why not.

On this forum have registered the company’s employees? How we can bring to their attention?

This is prime example of laughable lack of gaming industry understanding.

First: IO Interactive and it previous owner Eidos belongs to Square Enix now. There is no point to ask developers. Writing petition to the publishers is best way, and even then you have barely over 0% chances, since nor target demographic, nor the majority of core fans don’t want another C47.

Second: IOI recycle it previous ideas through it new games to implement original vision of levels. Most of C47 missions was remade in Contracts. Contracts using core engine of C47 with addictions from Silent Assasin and it’s own elaborations. Jungle levels was remaked in Hitman SA (Japan levels) and Kane&Lynch (jungle mission with hacienda). Lot of SA missions designs was inspired by C47. SA even recycled main C47 story arc and upgraded it.

Third: the most important parts of C47 is available for changing. Only thing we dont have — official map editor. Script editing and engine hex editing is possible. You can change almost everything you wish. Widescreen up to 4k and draw distance expander exists. What else do you need?

I created mod tread, but no one seems to be interested. Only 8 mod downloads and no feedback. That pretty much showing current level of interest. So temper your nostalgia. We have 3 C47 remakes already.

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Does square enix own the rights to c47?

Square enix owns IOI, and in turn own everything IOI does, including their back catalogue.

You maybe right.
But majority part of game is close, and mods are very minor.
I understand that chance of success are very small, but when we together everything is possible.
Users of this forum! If you want to change something, please come to our discussion.
Together we can change this situation!

yeah no that’s not how copyright works.
It’s a nice idea, but don’t hold your breath, i’ts not gonna happen

How many illegal localizations do you have at your possession? What is your favourite one? I heard there were at least 7 versions including the legal one.

About russian pirates localizations. Many pirates make translate and distribution of this game in our country, because official publisher come 6 years later original realise and Hitman series games was without protection of the copiryght law. In 2001, my father with me played with localization of 7th Wolf company. Not bad!
Quality of this localization are good - interested actors, full good quality translate (not remember about textures translate, but majority part of game been translated).
Funny fact: In our country gamers very love this part of series, and because of this CD’s with pirates translations gives to pirates millions rubles.
And, how I listen in 2002, beta version of Hitman 2 was stoled by our pirates!
I remember that pirates distributes in Russia Beta version with russian translate, but we don’t buy this because father friends told that this version not final and have many bugs.