IO Interactive, This forum, and you

IO-Interactive Employees

From time to time, you may see folks such as [email protected] reading or commenting on forums. They are easily identified by the their user group (displayed under their avatar) being “IO-Interactive” (meaning they have been confirmed as an employee by an admin such as myself).

They are welcome guests here and doubtlessly will be interested in seeing what the fanbase has to say about everything, and may even join the conversation from time to time. When conversing with an IO-Interactive employees please keep in mind that they have professional responsibilities and thus will be limited on what information they can provide and when. They also are quite sincerely working to create the best Hitman game they can, so there will be zero tolerance of members abusing them with demands for information or changes to the game.

Also please keep in mind that IO-Interactive have their own design teams, writers, etc so while they may choose to take on board any ideas or preferences shared they may also have already come up with them themselves; or they may have come up with something that excludes the possibility to use it or may simply not be including it for other reasons. They are the ones making the game that we are so eager to see come out soon.

You can follow their activity via the IO Interactive activity stream

Hitman Fans

There have been five HItman games released in the franchise over a space of thirteen years - that means there’s a lot of people with varying experiences, different joining times, favourite titles and expectations of what the core elements of a Hitman game are. Some of us have been excited about the franchise since the first demo was released of Hitman: Codename 47, some may only have discovered it with the release of Absolution (or even something promoting Hitman 6).

Regardless of how people discovered the franchise, how many of the games they have played or how long they have been a fan everyone who enjoys Hitman games and is looking forward to Hitman 6 is welcome to join the discussion and share their opinions here. Be respectful of each others differences of opinion.


Have fun, share your enthusiasm for the upcoming game, speculate and over-analyse ever scrap of information to your heart’s content!


this feels kinda weird. it’ll take some time to get used to for sure

I know the feeling :slight_smile: PS If you want to try out some of this stuff, you can make some test posts in the sandbox category


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This thread is about IO Interactive,people - let’s try to keep it on track. For opinions on the Discourse software, please use the meta category.

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Welcome to the new Hitmanforum @jacobm and @jl1 - you guys are quick!

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Welcome @jenspeterkurup

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I’ll probably never get used to this.

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Dude stop being so negative. With that attitude you’ll never accept and embrace change. Trust me, if you want to you’ll easily get used to this new forum. All it takes is a little effort and acceptance that this will be the new forum. Come on let’s drop this negativity. We won’t attract IO with this kind of attitude. :slight_smile:

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@ampburner, when will we get to know who’s [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc.? :wink:

I’ve invited them via email, so I’ll make a welcome post if they respond.

watch this thread (click the watch option below) to get a notification.

edit - actually, I see that @Morten_IO already signed up :slight_smile: welcome!
edit2 - Hi @Travis

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Hey @Nick_IO, welcome!

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Oh, looks like almost like the whole IO Interactive family came here. Hi IO Interactive!

Greetings! This is looking mighty fine :slight_smile:

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Because we’ll say hello!

Plus, we’ll try and stick to the fairly simple convention of having our name and IOI in our usernames as we have done before.


It’s good to see IO people here too. :smile:

Sorry, It just takes a while to accept these changes,but I’m not gonna quit these forums because of it :smile:

Good to hear :slight_smile: I hope we get more and more members because at the end of the day, the community makes the forum and not the board/ software.

@Travis_IOI @Nick_IO @Morten_IOI @jacobm @jl1

Welcome to the new forum IOI

Having you guys here makes It special when posting our feedback,discussion,Ideas etc and knowing that you take on board alot of what we discuss on HMF and participate Is a quality fan service Indeed!

I Hope you all still visit the original site to delve Into the many great topics/discussions of days/months/years gone by…once the old site has been locked for read only. I know I will :wink:

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