IO Interactive to open THIRD studio in Barcelona



Good news I guess.
I just wonder why exactly Barcelona


Why not Barcelona?


Dang, IO is starting to be more and more like Paradox… Questionable paid DLC, opening a studio in Barcelona… Guess they caught some kind of Swedish syndrome after expanding to Malmö :joy:


Because Danmark and Sweden are close together and Barcelona is all acrooss the continent.
Norway or Finland would’ve not stand out of this principle.
Nothing special, just curious

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Geographically it’s quite interesting because Barcelona (and Spain in general) is quite off to the side of Europe. So if they wanted a more ‘accessible’ studio it’s an interesting choice. Somewhere like Austria or Germany would have been more central (but also if someone’s moving country then it doesn’t really matter the distance too much)

A more interesting point to raise is that IO have commented in the past that Copenhagen has a rather small game studio community so it’s hard to foster great talent there. I wonder if Barcelona has a better ecosystem of game developers (all I know is Ubisoft has a location there)


I don’t think the geography is really important for such decisions. Unless it is across the bridge of the city of your main studio. :smirk:

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This is an industry where it is fairly normal for multiple studios in different countries/timezones to collaborate closely on the same project. Geography is a non-issue to be honest.

As I semi-joke above, they’re the second prominent (Scandinavian) developer to open up a studio there recently, so I guess there is some kind of reason for it…

Tax breaks?


The route Hakan Abrak can take with his helicopter is just beautiful towards Barcelona.


Not to mention it’s basically a stone throw away from Mallorca…

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Probably because Big Bangs per Second Studio is located in Barcelona (founded by a former IOI employee).

They work on Hitman 3 and Project 007 with IOI.

Happy for them anyway.


Im happy as long as they do some H3 related stuff over there. :wink:

Interesting article on the matter.
It’s from a few years back, but I think the trend only strengthened. There’s a lot of video game talent in Spain.


Not a problem when Hakan has a bunch of golden helicopters.

Cake Abrak
by @Force_Obscure


Exactly, since the city attracted a lot of people. Smilegate Barcelona, THQ Nordic with Alkimia Interactive, Paradox Interactive, you can find Ubisoft Barcelona too, and Social Point acquired by Take-Two.

@Travis_IOI Out of curiosity: IOI Copenhagen remains the head office or with new studio there will be no head office? I.e. “one studio, in multiple locations”?

And if you please, any word on this?

Looks like the 7DS Expansion is selling well.



IO-Interactives future seems brighter and brighter, just to think a few years back and the majority of the fanbase was on the edge of their seats, wondering if it was the end of IO and Hitman. Here in the year 2021 the dark clouds have all but disappeared from the horizon and the sun is rising anew, knowing that IO has opened two new studios in the last few years. I wonder if this expansion will continue and IO as brand will grow, it’s an intriguing future as a fan of IO and Hitman.

I hope to see IO develop new I.P as well as revisiting older classics.