IO Monthly - 24 June, Monday, 2pm GMT

You know how it goes, Monday (at 2pm GMT, therefore midnight 25th for us in Eastern Australia) will be June’s IO Monthly devstream. This month’s stream is focused on “The Bank”, and they will be having a ‘special guest’ who is a developer/s of that level.

You can ask about the Bank, but considering they’re already going to be giving us info on the Bank regardless of your questions, and any info they don’t give us will be given to us 24 hours later when the level drops, I’d suggest you ask about non-Bank topics, personally.

This time I’ll tag @Travis_IOI so he isn’t scrambling for these questions 40 minutes before stream starts :sweat_smile:

Happy Questioning!


Here is a link to their Twitch channel:
and Mixer:


I’ll get the ball rolling (And feel free to ask questions you’ve previously submitted, if they were never answered before, unless they’re shit questions):

  • What sort of post-launch content is The Bank going to get?
  • Can we please get a ‘quick scroll’ inventory in Ghost Mode, so you don’t have to stand there doing nothing while you’re trying to find the right item to get the target before your opponent?
  • Can we still expect to see Ghost Mode on Legacy Maps, or has that been pushed to the bottom of the pile due to the low player count of the game mode?
  • Have you considered a “Ghost Mode Practice” (Single Player) for those who want to try it but find they keep being completely outskilled by the people they match with?
  • Did you decide on whether to bring back Ghost Mode music as an option?
  • Can you make it so at the end of a GM match you get to choose what map to play next? Being able only replay the map you just played can be a bit annoying if you want to play across all the levels with your rival
  • Is IO working on any non-Hitman project at the moment?

  • Was the Camera grid being visible all times intentional? Can you make it so it’s only in Instinct again?
  • Can you make it so we pick the weapon as kill method in contracts, without having to specify thrown or melee (Like in escalations)?
  • Any closer to being able to delete contracts yet (Or any other improvements)? I got a lot of duds to get rid of
  • Can we please have voice chat in Sniper Assassin, or some way to help get synchronised kills with a stranger?
  • Can we have an option to quickmatch in all Sniper Assassin maps like Ghost Mode, rather than only one at a time? It’s a low player base to begin with, it then being split into two missions doesn’t help.
  • (Assuming the above questions haven’t been answered ‘yes’) Is there going to be any update to the Sniper Assassin gamemode like Ghost Mode underwent two months ago?
  • Does The Prison have a unique gameplay element like Hantu Port had with the hostages? Can you tell us what it is?
  • Can we expect any non-expansion ‘reskin’ missions ever? How about time-limited ones like Holiday Hoarders, can we expect any new ones to pop up ever?
  • Why are we coming up to 4 months without a new H2 ET?

Will Holiday Hoarders and the Winter mission in Hokkaido ever become permanent stays on H2?

Will the mechanic that makes 47 snap to crouching after grabbing a body, regardless of his position beforehand, ever be corrected?

Can we expect the Undying to return at least once more?

Can Freedom Fighters have a setting, with the option to toggle on and off, whether the storm shelter mandatory requirements and Diana’s dialogue are in place or not, so that it’s original experience can be repeated if desired?


Wow, I can’t believe we’re already here. June 21. The new missions come out next week, oooh!

  • Will The Bank have HITMAN’s signature “Swiss Cheese Design”, with multiple paths to get to your targets or get around the map?
  • Is the Bank in any way related to the HITMAN 2 campaign?
  • Will we be able to save our game in the ‘Special Assignment’ missions?
  • If we as a community find the Special Assignments to be satisfactory enough for Contracts Mode, can we change your mind on opening up Contract creation to those levels?
  • Are we going to be able to get the Tactical Wetsuit (Hawke’s Bay suit) as a new suit unlock soon?

Same as last time.
Can we get Turtleneck from training as unlock from future escalation or challenge pack?


-are we ever going to get the sedative syringe?
-can we get the signature suit from hitman 2016 with the burgundy tie ported over to hitman 2?
-are we ever going to have the ability to show only favorite items in your inventory?



I’ll be sure to cross-post this on Reddit. Someone else post to Twitter, thx.


I heard it was after Jupiter’s moon, Io

Which would explain why their last logo had a planet/orbit type picture. Also why the ‘o’ isn’t capitalised


Okay. That’s pretty convincing. So then the question becomes; “Why that particular moon?”


have you guys checked pickpocketing thread?Pickpocketing to Hitman 2

and shared with your team? if you did, what does IOI think about it?


Does the bank have an exterior?

Is the bank connected to the main story? If so, is it set before or after Sgáil? Same goes for the resort.

Will the bank feature elusive targets, escalations, featured contracts and challenge packs?

Will the bank starting suit have an elusive target variant with the legendary drivers gloves?


Why is the glass window inside the security building in Miami (the one near main spawn) indestructable now? What’s the point of that change.

playing on this question: pleasepleaseplease IO make the sauna glass in hokkaido non-bulletproof again? I’m begging

  • Can we expect the return of the challenge packs of Hitman 2016 to the legacy map (like the vampire magician) ?
  • Time-limited missions (Holidays Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival) will return again as permanent missions ?
  • Unlocks are expected from the special assignment missions ? If yes, can we have an idea of it (them) ?
  • Human shield ??? (JOKE :joy: - I know that IO stated that HS won’t return) :slightly_smiling_face:

To your first question they already said YES in last stream, just that it would take them a while


Is there some reason for the difference in quality between H2016 and H2 suits?

(E.g. Signature suit from H2016 being far more detailed and higher-res than Signature suit in H2. Midnight black, Classic All-Black and all location-specific suits being far less crisp in comparison to suits in H2016/Legacy.)

need to know so i can finally sleep in peace :pleading_face:


Who remembers the time where IO streams would get spammed with people saying PISTOL DISTRACTIONS? when they nerfed them for a while?

Good times, good times

Okay! I didn’t know that! Thx for replying.

Can we get nitroglycerin/ octane booster as an unlock ? :slight_smile:


Is IOI looking into the possibility of using the current HITMAN 2 platform for revisiting/reimagining/remastering older missions?

For example: Hunt for Lee Hong over missions set in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, and Macau. :slight_smile: