IO website: "We’re cooking a brand-new title and concept..." New multiplayer game in the works?


This is an up to date (Post-Malmo) job posting for a ‘brand-new title’ on the Glacier (2) engine that requires Multiplayer programmers. Is it H3, a game which will presumably now be coming with new multiplayer modes? Or is it a non-H3 game? Thoughts? Speculation?



I am pretty sure that jobs ad is old news from before Malmo opened. They just updated it and the new games and concepts line is from when they opened Malmo. But it is nice to see them try out new IPs.


Oh god please no other game than Hitman


Did you change your Avatar again Indian? Are you trying to beat Sean’s record?


Yup Australian :wink:

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I actually feel the opposite.I think taking a break from Hitman would be good-both for the team and gamers.
I,personally have lost interest and got used to the formula.I would not be excited for HITMAN 3 if it got announced now since I played a bunch of Hitman since 2016,not to mention I’m really interested in what IO could do with their new IP.I think they have a really talented team and could possibly make something innovative and different


They may have posted one from pre-Malmo, but the fact it mentions Malmo means it’s been updated, and since H2 came out months before Malmo, it means this ‘brand-new title’ they’re talking about is 100% not Hitman 2, since it’s been updated since then. So the question is, what is it?


think some different game modes whould be fun like that assasins creed multiplayer wich i admit i didnt like but i sounds fun with guns and huge enviroments


Multiplayer doesn’t fit Hitman. I think making a new title and taking a break after the current hitman storyline is finished is a good idea.


idk the ones we have right now are really good


i’d like IO to finish this trilogy and then make a non-Hitman game. i’m sure they’d love to work on things that’s not Hitman


Perhaps this is good news! IO has a new building and a new title! Maybe Danish IO will make H3 (hopefully without the help of Sumo SuckAss this time) and Swedish IO will work on that new mini ninja multiplayer game… or whatever it is.


hitman battle royale?


More MP Modes Please!
So much potential out there…

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Yes I NEED it.

Jk, please IO don’t even think about it.


I’d prefer something a little more original - every game is jumping on board this Battle Royale craze, which doesn’t interest me in the slightest.


I agree about the team but for gamers they could just change the game :grin:


Ghost Mode was already pretty fun, can’t wait to see what IO can do with another multiplayer title.

I’m just scared about what it’s gonna be, hopefully not mini ninjas 3


I mean that gamers maybe don’t need or want another Hitman right now.
I have no idea how well HITMAN 2 sold but I am under the impression that people weren’t that hyped up about it like they were for 2016 or Absolution.I can say for myself that I wasn’t that excited because I knew there weren’t many improvements coming and it was more of the same


If its MP-only I’m not interested, I never cared much for online stuff, however its nice to see IO expand and take a break from Hitman after Season 3.