IOI Account Email Changing

Hello IOI Support!

I’m trying to change the email address of my IOI Account but it seems locked. Can someone help me with that issue please?

Thanks for help!

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Just register new account with new email.
Seems it’s the only way

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That’s kinda dumb if you can’t change it. Is it possible to delete an IOI account?

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New account and new e-mail would mean to remake everything from scratch, which is something i don’t want to.

I hope there is a way to edit the e-mail. Thanks for your replies anyway!

What everything?
Each time you log into your account you recieve a confirmation email anyway.
Just fill in your name/date of birth etc and link your Steam/Xbox/PS account to IOI Account.
That’s it. It will take you a minute.

As it locked, it can’t be edited. It’s just how system works

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Salut @PatteDeFruit !

This is near the top of our backlog for IOI Account, but I cannot commit to a date for that feature yet.
We are going to improve IOI Account in the coming months though, so stay tuned !



Merci Christian :slight_smile:

I’ll be waiting for the IOI Account Upgrade, please let me know when it’s available :+1: