IOI Account


IOI currently updates the game.

IOI Account

With this game update, we’re making it possible to sign up for a free IOI Account, which will allow you to stay updated on all the latest Hitman news. An IOI Account will allow you to register for newsletters from the studio, receive surveys and get notifications when we release new content. To create an account, go to Settings>IOI Account (or look for the icon on the ‘Featured’ Tab) and enter your email address.


I wonder what will come with the IOI account in the future. I know from other games that a box with recent news works well enough, not sure why an additional account is the way to go here.

Maybe it will be part of an Anti-Cheat system? Or is this the most easy way to fulfill the new european GDPR law?


I’m downloading now the update. It’s pretty big, almost 1 gb on ps4.
What does it do? Any changes?


The Hatchet Job
We’ve fixed a community-reported issue on the Arthin Occultation Escalation where the ‘Sticky Hatchet’ complication would cause the contract to be failed after completing all objectives and exiting the level via the speedboat. This issue no longer occurs and the contract can be complete as expected.

thats 1 gb


Presumably you create the account in game and not on their website?


Hmm. Guess I’ll sign up for that. The mention of surveys is interesting, makes me think back to during season 1 when they’d periodically put out questionnaires about how things were going and what features were most important.


Don’t get your expectations up, but if I’m not mistaken the invitations to the alpha for season 1 went out through Square Enix’s version of this.


They fix an Escalation, but not the FE problem with the damn Slam Dunk mission from Patient Zero!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


there might be a few surprises exclusive to anyone with an IOI account

Well that’s going to go down well with the people that don’t register… Hopefully IO drop some strongly worded hints prior to any of the “surprises”.

Especially since you only see that text in the in-game menu. It’s not on the blog post.


Is anyone having problems signing up to this? I keep getting an error message.


Hi @Lewisnic1,

Could you give me more details on the error message you are seeing, and at what step it is appearing ?

Thanks !


Hi @ioi_christianco

I input my email address, I get the email through to my preferred email account to confirm my new IOI account. Then suddenly it’s say there is an error when I click the link to confirm it.

Not sure what to do?


Thanks @Lewisnic1, looking at the telemetry it is hard to pinpoint the exact issue you are facing, but we just launch the service so there are good chances something is wrong on our side.

From which platform are you signing up ?

One thing you could try, to see if it changes anything is to go directly to and login using your platform account.
The website will prompt you for your email and send you an invitation.

If it works that way, please let me know, and enter your email in the game to finish linking the game.

EDIT: I typed this URL hundreds of times and the first time I post it publicly I manage to make a typo :sweat_smile:


I want to be intrigued, but the SE account link didn’t do anything for me.
We’ll see what IO has to offer, then.


Thanks for getting back to me @ioi_christianco

My platform is Xbox One. The main issue I’m having is, I create my account on the website, then it states the following:

“Waiting for login confirmation, You will be redirected automatically after confirming the login request you received in your mailbox”.

I get the email to confirm my account and click the link in the email and it states:


An error occurred while processing your request

Like you say it might be a problem at your end with the website just launching I’ll leave it a few days to see if it sorts out. :slight_smile:


Just to follow-up on this topic: I got some very valuable info from @Lewisnic1 over the weekend, and I believe this is a general issue when login from iOS.
We have a fix ready to go out today.


Brilliant news, thanks @ioi_christianco

It’s much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Just made my account, didn’t have any problems (PC) i hope it works better than the SQEENIX version did, half the emails i got from them where from games i wasn’t interested in, and some surveys weren’t send.


Could you see if it is any better now ?
Thanks !


It appears to be sorted.

Thanks for all your help @ioi_christianco

You’ve been a huge help!! :slight_smile:


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