IOI Account


Anyone who has already signed up will also be able to download their free copy. :slight_smile:


Today, everyone who subscribed should have received his first message introducing the ghost mode announcement! So cool to invite Hitman in my mailbox. :+1: :e-mail:


I never received any email for my IO account. Did this idea get killed?

It would be useful for once to get a short email when another ET goes live!


I think I get a mail for every blogpost they do. You might wanna check other folders in your mail program / provider.


Really? Then it’s a problem on my side :frowning:
It says “account connected” and the emailadress is correct, yet I never received anything (neither in the spamfilter)


These are the mails I got so far. Not every blog post generates a mail, but some do.


Ok. Mine is broken soimehow then. But from the looks the emails seem to be mosty advertising, not important notifications like “new ET live today for 10 days”