IOI Anniversary Outfit Bundle (Coming Soonish)


Firstly yea I know I categorized this under HITMAN 2 even though this Suit Pack is on HITMAN 2016, but I did it because HITMAN 2 is the current game. I’d like to thank @KevinRudd for bringing this up in his little content list that he keeps track of because this reminded me about this Suit Pack specifically.

Back in April 2018, it was revealed to the world that HITMAN: Definitive Edition was gonna be released. We as a community were probably like “Another re-release really?”. One item that was in that Edition and that Edition ONLY was a new set of cosmetics based off of IOI’s other properties. This bundle would be called the Anniversary Outfit Bundle.

The Bundle Would Include As Followed

The Freedom Phantom Suit is inspired by Christopher Stone from Freedom Fighters.
Get ready to take command and fight for freedom in a suit that is equal parts charismatic and rebellious.

The Lynch Suit is inspired by everybody’s favorite criminal; Lynch.
It’s the perfect suit for an impulsive, reckless and self-medicated psychopath.

The Futo Suit is inspired by Futo from Mini Ninjas.
As you know, Ninjas always operate alone but they don’t always fight using a hammer. Futo does.

The Anniversary Outfit bundle will be made available for purchase on digital platforms LATER THIS YEAR.

Seeing that we all moved on to HITMAN 2 and still have yet to see this be released to everyone and see it in HITMAN 2. I hope we can come together as a community and get @Clemens_IOI and @Travis_IOI to acknowledge this thread so we can get some answers on why we haven’t seen this Pack get a proper release since IOI failed to release it for everyone back in 2018. It has been almost a whole year since the release of the Definitive Edition so what gives?


Microsoft Store Link to the Bundle (UNABLE TO PURCHASE):


Think they’ll respond?

Personally, if it’s been a year without so much as a notice about it I wouldn’t expect anything new.




It’s one of those they failed to deliver on something they said would be released and seeing that we haven’t got a word on it and that it was shroud by HITMAN 2 I feel with persistence from the community we could possibly get something from either @Travis_IOI or @Clemens_IOI

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this looks pre-release from the menus. so this is in the game, but not released for everyone to purchase correct?


I don’t think so, I don’t have those suits in my Hitman 2 Gold Edition PS4 inventory.

How did you get those suits @cakeblock941? From challenges maybe?

Not in Hitman 2 Gold Edition on my PS4.


it’s from Giant Bomb so they must of been invited out to play the miami level early before it was released.

edit: hence why i say pre release


Images above are available only on consoles (PS4 for sure), but PC players been ignored with adding this bundle to PC version of the game


The Bundle was slated to be released for everyone, but it never happened. Only people who purchased the Definitive Edition got it. It frustrating with how they handled some DLC for PC, but with the IMG that @cakeblock941 shared the outfits being used in a pre-release build of the game that influencers got to play when Hitman 2 got announced.


Yes, it’s only for HITMAN 2016, it never been said that bundle be available in HITMAN 2.
But I want it and in H2016 and in H2

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This bundle is just a huge mystery especially since we just saw proof of the suits in Hitman 2 via the screenshots. It even has 47’s Hitman 2 head and not his 2016 head. The menu and font looks pre release so I’m guessing around Juneish when that video was release so that would be a couple months before the release of Hitman 2.

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But the pictures from @cakeblock941 is from Miami which is from Hitman 2.


Oh, the pictures is from Giant Bomb and not from @cakeblock941’s game :flushed: :joy:, so no one on this forum have those suits I recon.


the menu image is from pre-release, the ingame image is from post-release


is the post release you? or was it someone messing with the game on pc to get the suits similar to how they got the legacy suits too.


You know, it might be some photoshop for some kind of hype.
You can see that the fonts and overall design of that menus is different from what we have now.
So it might be whether photoshop or some pre-release/insider builds, but not commercial, or public

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I doubt it because of 47’s hitman 2 head being used.

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it’s not photoshop. i believe the photo was from Notex, or someone else messing around with the files idk


Maybe IO-I couldn’t release it, since they don’t own the rights to Kane & Lynch anymore?

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Why? Who have?


Square Enix kept the rights to Kane & Lynch.