IOI Confirm Plans to Add In-game SA Tracker


Btw, the argument that “we shouldn’t have this because we need casual players to learn” is fucking dumb.

Let’s see, what’s the easier way of making new people learn the game?

Is it letting them know when they fucked up , and they can then figure it out based on what they did at that moment

Or is it letting them around for 20/30 minutes with no indicators whatsoever and only showing them on the score at the end, making them have to literally remember every second of their run to even have a remote chance to figure it out, and that’s if the way they lost SA even made any sense to begin with.

If you are really arguing the second one is the way people can “learn” you’re just a complete dumbass.


Yeah so is “climate change is not real”, “evolution is not real” and “cannabis legalisation leads to a rise of heroin addicts”. All of those are opinions but all of those opinions are wrong and can be soundly defeated by logic and rational arguments


I preferred the guy that was ranting about how console players had bigger dicks on average, but you’re a funny troll too


But there is no good to be gotten. You are arguing against what is the equivilent of a health bar or mini-map. And they say I look for arguments


So when are you gonna take their advice? Because you are doo doo at this game


There’s no way of “gitting gud” at telling random ways of losing SA. If you followed anyone playing the game yousm yourself wouldn’t be able to point out when someone lost or not SA in ambiguous cases.

Funny how you didn’t bother replying to me dismantling your dumb "it makes it so casuals don’t learn " argument tho


Why are you actually arguing with this guy? He is the textbook pigeon on a chessboard.

Ignore him.


The master has spoken. Love your runs dude, best speedrunner by far.


Then tell the teacher to sod off and you can turn off the damn tracker quit being a whiny bitch!


Insta fails are sometimes needed. Stop trying up tell ppl how to play the game plz. Mmmkay? Thx. :grin:


hahaha im sorry this is one of the most idiotic things ive ever heard in a forum


You are right, you don’t make much sense at all


Appreciate the kind words mate, but i dont really agree with the last part. I can name atleast 5 players who are just as good :slight_smile:


none of this makes any sense. is the spotted bug even fixed yet? or is that full on a feature now? I guess poisoning in full view of everyone is silent assassin now as long as you run off immediately afterwards?


yeah and it becomes impossible to learn from your mistakes when you don’t get that feedback


No it is in the process of being fixed and now that I think about it this might be the reason it has been taking so long.


What a dumb analogy. First because telling you isn’t failing you, and you could restart and do a “new exam” so the entire analogy doesnt work.

Second, exams ALWAYS tell you where you failed. Maybe not how you failed, but certainly where you failed. What kind of bumfuck college did you go to? For HITMAN to apply to this comparison, btw, it would need to tell you the places and moments where you lost SA

You can’t even do analogies correctly damn


What school did you go to, an American one? I suppose “no child gets left behind” if all they do is make you sit on your ass and play HITMAN 2 all day.


And who are you again? Did you not read that kai mainframe is Level 420? (Actually Level or what he did beforehand to come here with his “knowledge”?)


Reminder that more casual players/non-SA are the bulk of the community. Without the SA tracker, most players will never know about some of the most obscure mechanics in the game like legshots, the trespassing bug, etc. If anything that would encourage them to try and get the SA rating.
I do not see how more casual players can’t learn from this, it actually makes the requirements much clearer and they can learn on the spot.

It’s also funny to see you defend Master mode that hard when it effectively is the same thing as Professional only with all good level/game design removed for the sake of making it “harder”. If you want an unfun experience you can turn features off by yourself already, I don’t get why you’d want to ruin it for everyone else too.