IOI Confirm Plans to Add In-game SA Tracker


I laugh at his 420 lv I am level 1000000000000000000 in HITMAN 2, I am so good I don’t need to use commas and sometimes zeros get lost from the total.


A tracker doesn’t make you get SA. The only thing it can do is telling you when you already lost it. Ironically actually teaching you to play better . The exact opposite of your initial claim.


If they messed up without realising it, there’s no way the could learn from it, hence according to your own logic, the tracker would be good because it would make them realize, and thus learn, and thus become better.

But often it’s not even a matter of the player becoming “better”, but simply become more aware of weird bugs and glitches within the game. If a tracker tells you within 2 seconds of mission start you lost your SA rating you know something is up.
And there’s also these instances where you’re not really sure, like knocking out an NPC when he inexplicably turns around to see your face just before you KO him. Sometimes that makes you lose SA rating, often not. The tracker would make it clear immediately.


A lot of people apparently FAIL to understand what an “option” is supposed to mean. Different people have different playstyles. Plain and simple.

Don’t like the tracker? Don’t use it. The end.


Well you don’t get to decide the rules for each difficulty level especially when many people seem to be fine with the implementation of it on all difficulty levels.


Yeah so? Play on a different difficulty! You have three of them pick one ya twit.


That is the same sort of logic anti-vaxxers use to support their insane and health damging “movement” . It is the same pretzel logic the NRA use to deflect the second amendment being retooled after school shootings “the depressed pilled up bullied kid played COD so COD makes you a school shooter.”


Was it Frote or Imadumee? They did ‘The Undying’ ET, threw a fish at the last guard, but at the results screen… Lost SA. They were understandably upset. Had they had this tracker, then… Well… Need I go on?


While they’re at it… Also fix: pre or post HUNTED / ENGAGING on Accident Kills.

Example would be this


Good, you ate all my crayons and scribbled all over my colouring books. I have a tub of PVC glue you can have a swig of if you are hungry. That is unless you have graduated to lead based paint and your own drool. This is a personal attack on you it has no bearing on my following statement.

I mean Ad Homenium is really the lowest form of argument there is. It is an argumentative construct reserved for seven year olds and Donald Trump.


Wasn’t me. I didn’t have the fish at that time as the undying was the first time I touched an H2 main map. Did Miami totally blind on that et. Really cool experience.


Was Fortheseven.
He couldn’t restart at that point since the ET was already killed.
But apparently it wasn’t a problem for him, he had finished it SA before/after (I’m assuming on different accounts, don’t know how people do that).


Yes, I am surprised you are able to understand the concept.

I have tried making rational arguments with you, in fact we all have, and you have revealed yourself to be a pointless, stubborn, unitelligent waste of time, space and oxygen. So when you are the type of person Forthe is being nice to and I am being a vicious bully you know you are being a tosser.


I’m sure he would’ve disconnected had he known. I’d assume that’s how speedrunners get such cool and quick runs. I’d be very skeptical of them doing so well on their 1st attempt. :smirk:


No, no hypocrisy (not this time at least) you are simply an arsehole and have earned my complete ire. I simply find it fun to insult you, I tried be reasonable and personable but you are not. Do unto others as they say and all that cloudman stuff.


Really now who is the hypocrite. Are you running out of lines from your “Big Book O’ Internet “Tough Guy” Lines”?


Guys, guys, stop arguing. I just said I didn’t want it because for me, PERSONALLY, it feels like handholding.

Now, “why?” you ask me. I find it intense exiting the mission and realising you forgot the delete camera evidence (for example).

It’s like saying " add wallbangs back in" for me, because I don’t want that to be the the easiest way to take by for example taking a simple route of wallbanging my target in an enclosed space.

On the other hand, I read people’s comments, even if they are not agreeing with me. You should be able to accept other people’s opinions. And you may argue, yes, but keep respectful please.

Now I’m waiting for someone to say something foolish over my wallbangs bit, but keep in mind, you know I don’t give 2 shits


I hate people who wall-bang. Serious just move around the map till you get the vantage point right.

But so long as you can turn it one or off it does not matter. The argument they had here (I just stood around being a prick) is because one peon could understand the concept of an on/off switch.


Is the concept of self imposed limitations foreign to you? Do you lack the self control to not wonder if you’ve lost SA and go to check whether you did or not? Or do you have the patience to wait till you’ve finished the level?

Judging from the amount of arguing and one-upmanship that’s been diplayed here, I highly doubt you have much will power at all.


Yeah, I was talking to you. As for the self imposed limitation… That depends on the tracker being togleable. Just like you’d be able to turn off the map, instinct, etc. etc. These things are also togleable in Master Mode… Or any other mode for that matter.