IOI Confirm Plans to Add In-game SA Tracker


like CHAOS_AGENT_45 already mentioned, there should be multiple options: off, minimal, full.
you prefer to just have a single icon? set the tracker to minimal then. others may like to know WHY they just lost the sa rating, so they could choose full. tbh i don’t see any reason to complain.


How can you not know what lost you your SA? It tells you in the corner if you’ve got a body found or been recorded by a camera, I think it’s more to show you if you should carry on or if you’re wasting your time thinking you’ve got SA


It does not tell you if it occurs at the exact same time as the target elimination. It’s too busy saying “Target eliminated” in the corner that it doesn’t say body found. And it will say Searching above the map, but it will also say searching if someone nearby merely heard a bullet impact, so that’s not useful either. And in various circumstances NPCs can react and panic when you shoot someone, but they’re actually reacting and going to guards about the noise, not seeing a kill (All three of these situations regularly occur on sniper contracts)


I don’t see what difference it would make, you’d have lost SA and that’s all you really need to know, we’ve managed without it


So many SA opportunities have been lost that some can’t tell when it’s the spotted bug and when they’ve genuinely messed up. This is supposed to take care of that.


Not gonna lie, I’m not that fussed either way but this idea didn’t even occur to me because I’m an absolute retard. Definitely a good idea.


The moment this becomes available I’m playing ‘The Author’, I will wait by the cliff where Jeff runs and jumps into the ocean just to see what this does.


I actually haven’t played ‘The Author’ since it was first released in Hitman 2016 so can’t remember if there’s an opportunity to knock Jeff out before he tops himself…?


For whatever reason, if he jumps (e.g. Kills himself) you lose your ‘Never Compromised’ bonus. It didn’t do that before and you could still get SA. It’s obviously a bug, otherwise there should be a mandatory mission objective that says; “Save Jeff”. :roll_eyes: eta: Or finish the mission before Jeff does the deed.

You should find him on a park bench next to a note. Just toss some coins to draw him over to the dumpster that is straight ahead of him - towards the mansion.


That’s the point, I wouldn’t know if I lost SA until the debriefing screen, and I’d rather not waste that time if I’m trying to get better on the leaderboard. This is why in half of my contracts I put “No bodies found” as an optional objective, so it will actually tell me.


Sorry for the bump, but I couldn’t find where it was posted (assuming it was) that says how to get the green crossed silverballer icon that a few other youtubers have had in their videos. Or… What is that exactly? Am I wrong in thinking that’s the SA tracker? Or is it a mod? Or what?



Yes that is a SA tracker and a pathetic one. You can enable it in options.
The color, icon, placement of the SA tracker Sucks. Feels like a cheap thing.
What happened to IOIs UI department ?
Were they high while implementing SA tracker?


Heads up if someone doesn’t understand
The current SA tracker is completely broken and doesn’t work correctly. some people don’t have it in their games. So, just don’t take it in mind cause it’s useless at the moment
@Tetrafish_21 @cakeblock941 @Dilbert


you can’t enable it in options?? what are you talking about


I thought so.
Is there no option to do that?
Then how come some people and not seeing it.
I am confused.


There is no option to do it, don’t bother yourself with it


SA tracker that currently present in the game shouldn’t be there. It was rolled out by an accident.
You who have it now shouldn’t pay attention to it as it doesn’t work.
Just ignore it

By now

Some people got it with last update. They shouldn’t be having it. Some say it’s only consoles ‘bug’.
At least I haven’t seen anybody on PC saying they have SA tracker


I haven’t created it, just played one or two times and after combat it changed color from cyan to something. Probably red, but I am not sure.
Unintentional troll out is understandable.
But it’s bizzare how some people got it and others didn’t. How can that happen?


As I said, I did see some videos where people had it on. So I went into the game myself, looked in options and any place I thought it’d logically be, but nothing – and that’s why I was confused… Wondering why I didn’t have it or couldn’t see the option for it. Thanks all for the info/clarifications. :relieved: