IOI Could you give us double XP for Sniper Assassin every now and then?

I’d love to master the sniper assassin maps but the painfully slow grinding of XP (in comparison with the main game) makes it one hell of a borefest. Could you please implement double XP for the next weekend or something. That would motivate me to 100% all the Sniper Assassin maps. I’ve already 100% the first map and it took a lot of effort and it was extremely boring.

The mode itself is very fun but i hate the grindish nature of it.


Aha, yeah, sure

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I meant occasionally. Yknow, every now and then.

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I stopped playing them, waste of time on my part for trying to complete them, waste of time and resources on IO’s part for developing them from the get-go and not focusing on the main missions, ET’s etc.
The concept is fine for a mobile game but for a main Hitman game? Nah.


I liked them a lot. I wish we’d get boosted XP for them for even just a few days because the XP gain is unbalanced as hell. By the time you complete all the challenges, you only have about 10/20 mastery. Should be more like 15/20.

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The grinding and time wasting in order to trigger an event just so you can complete a challenge is what killed it for me.
Doubt IO is gonna do anything related to H2 with the exception of adding community contracts since their main focus right now is H3.
Sniper Assassin mode and Ghost mode have barelly got any attention from IO since release, doubt they will now.

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Yeah I tried grinding for the Arctic druzhina sniper but it was mind numbingly boring.

Since the Haven Jaeger Tuatara is almost identical (piercing silenced sniper) and takes way less grinding, I just settled for the Tuatara.

I would advise you to get the Tuatara if you haven’t already (complete 3 Haven mission stories).

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I think the solution is to fix how much XP is required or how much you get than to give double XP weekends. I 100% the first Sniper Map when it was a pre-order bonus for H2 but none of it transferred over despite being a pre-order for the game. Needless to say, that really pissed me off and made me not want to play the Sniper Maps. I only recently went back and finished getting all the challenges for all 3 but I am still short on mastery for all 3. The only one I want to even bother getting mastery on is Siberia because its the only one that has an unlock.

Honestly I don’t hate the Sniper maps but it needs some more work to make them worth it. It needs to be less tedious to get mastery. Like the sandbox levels you should be able to get full mastery before you finish all the challenges. this could be done by adding another branch of challenges that don’t give you a multiplier but give you various rewards or just massive XP bonuses so before you even complete all the challenges you should be close to or already full mastery.

They really need to fix the mode completely instead of just putting out double xp weekends.


Yeah, when the mastery from the pre-order did not transfer to main game, man, that was crushing. They really should have gifted those who had mastered it, or else made the grind much less.

Also, the 2 newer maps are less forgiving about spotting a body and ruining a SA bonus. The first map you could kind of free-lance and do whatever order you wanted and still SA, whereas the newer maps you only have a few options to get all targets SA which makes the grind worse.

“Double XP Weekend” … “Hidden Turkey Shoot” Thanksgiving event… “Zombie Attack” Halloween event…

So much potential for Sniper Assassin…


Especially when the mastery levels in the pre-order release were extremely brutal (I seem to recall the last level requiring over 20,000,000 XP) and I maxed out mastery for all three characters assuming the progress would carryover.

So it’s a no by IOI then? Alright…