IOI Malmö - A closer look

An investment firm in Skåne have release an article with COO Martin Buhl Svanum (IOI) regarding IOI’s newly opened Studio across Øresund, giving us a closer look at IOI’s second studio and why they choose Malmö in Sweden.

It’s an interesting read and gives an insight into why IO choose Malmö.


i hope this whole second-studio thing is working out for them. it’s not like they haven’t worked on multiple projects at the same time before, but having a whole second studio must be an interesting change

I’m looking forward to see what they are working on, it’s an interesting time for IOI and I hope this expansion bear fruit. To think a few years back we where all fearing that was the end for IO.

Personally I hope that it’s an new I.P or revival of an older I.P.

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The documentation of IO leaked some concept art of things that surely is not Hitman. It looked like a Sciene Fiction game so I am very eager to hear more detail. :slight_smile:

If they plan to open more studios like the article indicates, I wouldn’t mind one at my place! :sweat_smile:

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It certainly does give that impression that IO are planing to expand in some form. Also the pictures are they from the noclip youtube docomentary that was released last year?

Yes. I could try to quickly collect them to repost them here.

I think they deserve their own speculation thread in that case.


Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure the tax advantage was a major factor. 7 1/2 percent is a nice incentive.

What I personally like about it is that Malmo is only a short train ride away. When I was in Copenhagen with my wife we took the train over and had lunch in Malmö. We really did it just to cross Sweden :sweden: off the list of countries we haven’t been to, but it was super simple to go between them. They could easily do a function with the entire company once in a while without too much effort or expense.


Also very beneficial for IO overall, having two studios located so close to each other. Compared to if it was overseas, this makes it much easier for IO’s two studios to work closely together.