IOI Monthly #13 Mk II (April 30th 2020)


Will it be from Clemens’ mum’s basement? Will Travis and Clemens sit 1.5m apart? Who knows. Leave your prepared questions here for @Travis_IOI to sift through.

Please keep in mind they’ve essentially said they won’t be answering questions on H3 until they’ve done their own unveiling/announcement.

Other than questions, expect in this stream a revisit of the month’s content calendar, a look ahead to the next content schedule, and @Clemens_IOI and Travis maybe trying out contracts presumably from the Curated batch

Happy Questioning!



Whittleton Creek. The solar panels are on the sides of the roofs AWAY from the sun. Why is this?


Can the launcher autoset DX12 if the hardware supports it?
Can you put the Haven ending cinematic on the menu?
Could there be a “Next Featured Contract” button?
Config preset buttons would be real neat
Is there an Easter Egg in Mumbai?


Hi! In Hitman 2, it is not yet possible to use and save weapons without a silencer when creating a contract - this would be very interesting… Is this possible in the future?..

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I will repeat my question.

Why ICA Chrome and other weapons getting wedged time to time?
It started to happen in July!
It can happen in any mission (including Ghost Mode) at any random moment.
What’s going on? Why this bug hasn’t been fixed throughout more than half a year?

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Good point. I don’t understand why IO hasn’t done this for 1 year when Turing cards don’t work with Glacier 2’s DX11 renderer. Or at least add a warning message for the end user. They probably do not assume this issue, but the fact remains that it’s still here.

They can do like Id Software with Doom Eternal or Rockstar Games with RDR 2, add checks to their launcher and warns the end user.

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Also, elevators?

Preferably by the Watson Electric Elevator Company. Not the biggest fan of Otis.


We just gonna ignore Schindler’s Lifts??

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Since IOI didn’t get to my question last time, may as well ask it again :stuck_out_tongue:

What was the overall opinion of how Ghost Mode performed internally at IOI? Given the longer queue times and the fact that Ghost Mode Mumbai was scrapped for HITMAN™ 2, it seems as if it under-performed in the studio’s eyes.

Also (if you’re able to disclose), what are the long-term plans for Ghost Mode? Can we expect to find it in the upcoming HITMAN™ title? Or perhaps a different multiplayer game mode? (cough Roulette Rivals cough :wink:)


How has development at IOI been impacted by COVID-19, if at all? We know (some) staff are working at home, but is it essentially business as usual, only it’s all online?

Have you guys been staying at home this whole time? Keeping your social distance?


Hey all!

I have a sad update regarding IOI Monthly: We have for health and safety reasons, decided to postpone Thursday’s Episode.

We’re working on a few brilliant ideas for how we can keep in touch with you guys!
So stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:

Thanks for your understanding.


stay safe, guys :cake:


Do a conference stream from your homes :slight_smile:


Question : how does the confinement affect your work, Clemens, Travis & the team ?

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Does the Covid-19 situation cause any delay in Hitman 3 development?

probably not. theyre working from home at the moment.

Hitman 2: Make the world your weapon
Hitman 3: Make your home your weapon


Home alone. 47 edition

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Isn’t Hitman just realistic grand scale Home Alone?

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You and Travis have cameras streaming from your lounge/gaming rooms; and instead of Contract Showdown you do Ghost Mode Showdown since you’re in separate places