IOI Monthly #13 (POSTPONED) - Question Submission

Unfortunately, I would think that Hitman 3 is now almost certainly delayed from whatever its internal release date was meant to be. Working from home is never as productive, and the whole of human pop culture (films, sports, games) is basically on a few months’ suspension until this horrible pandemic settles down a bit.

My worry is that IO Interactive are a small studio without much financial stability, and may be affected a bit too much by this delay. Still, if there is one industry which can benefit from all this quarantine and self-isolation, It’s the videogame one. Who can say for sure, though? Stay safe out there, folks!

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People have come across references to deleted and unfinished content, from a bonus mission on Hawke’s Bay (Codename: ANUBIS) to something called “Outbreak” on Whittleton Creek (Codename: GRASSHOPPER)

Can you confirm IO won’t *ever release this stuff?

I am sure they said they wouldn’t answer questions about HITMAN 3.

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We can’t totally discard this idea. Remember, in January 2019, during the H2 cycle, IO released the mission “Hokkaido Snow Festival” on a H1 map.
So, maybe IO kept some contents to release them later. Just an assumption.


It’s about H2 content, their answer could be anything from “Oh but we have a surprise for you this year” to “Not in this game but in the future it might be released”, or “No, it’s never seeing the light of day”. None of those answers are specific to H3, especially since it’s about Season 2/Legacy Pack Mk II :wink:

You wrote H3.You need to reformulare the question.:wink:

It’s like a Clemens’ Featured Contract theme, it’s open to wide interpretation despite what it says :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But also,

just because something would happen to be released after they’ve launched H3 doesn’t mean it’s about H3 itself; that’s what happened with Hokkaido Snow Festival, which was on a Season 1 map even though it was during H2’s life cycle. Would talking about content for an H2 map be giving away information on H3? No, not unless this content relied on some new game feature that only H3 will add, which I highly doubt

Looking at how they cut Mumbai ET and Ghost Mode and how the reactions were they probably don’t dare to talk about Legacy H2 content that early.