IOI Monthly #15 (Jun) - Question Submission [CLOSED]

They answered almost none

Just dumb ones they saw floating around on social media like ‘what that doesn’t sound like david bateson, is he even in this game??11?’ “will my progress carry over?/11” that we already knew answer to

Only actual confirmations we didn’t have before given in this stream I can recall are

  • Dubai is first location
  • Cinematics are back, they’ll be better versions of the style seen in Expansion Pass

and probably one other thing I forgot. Someone wrote that they said progress transfer is optional, not mandatory, but I must’ve missed that


I also missed that, probably not a coincidence

Strawberries and a protein-shake :wink:


I hope they added all what we ask so long

Looks like this topic was all for naught. :sob: :violin: :musical_note:

Not naught, just… naught much :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what they answered from this thread without actually reading the questions they were referring to:

As someone with zero marketing education or experience in any role like Travis and Clemens have, I would suggest that they go back to reading out the questions they’re answering; as if they don’t then it makes it seem like they were going to tell us this information anyway, and therefore our questions were pointless and ignored. I know that’s not what actually happened, but we know how important appearances can be in just giving the community a little buzz from feeling engaged and listened to, even if they’re telling us the exact same information just in a slightly different way


I didn’t know if there would be six levels. IO might have surprised us this time.

Was in the blogpost tho

When HITMAN 3 is released in January 2021, the entire campaign will be available to play, from the breathtaking start to the dramatic ending. Today, we’re unveiling the first of six locations that will be featured in the game.

I haven’t actually read through the blog beyond a quick skim. I have been trying to keep myself spoiler free this time around.

You’re definitely fine to read it on the spoiler front! Not much given away at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since almost no questions from this thread were answered, and almost no new information has come out in the mean time, would you like to re-use this as the question thread for the next IO Monthly (If there is one)?

  • Yes
  • No

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What are the things that have been released since the previous IO monthly? I think there was the Developer Insights video and the Stadia trailer, but neither really provided new things to talk about (even for a dedicated fan forum like this one!). We’re still in the phase where the hype-wagon is being built, but where it hasn’t started rolling yet.

So I’d “yes” to the poll.

In phase when it’s half a year to the release what you expected?
You thought they would reveal all the information about the game that is still in development (I’m confident in it)? I think it’s nothing huge to expect from this upcoming and a few next livestreams.
All info that they planned to reveal will be revealed little by little throughout the year.
And I think you shouldn’t expect any key or deadly important info about the game.
Thus no essential questions will be answered during these streams. They can pick some small harmless ones, but they won’t answer the question like “will we finally get an elevator in HITMAN 3?”, I think.

With that given, I personally doubt we even should run question threads like this for a few upcoming months

If they’re not going to take questions it’d be nice if they just tell us. That way we won’t be wasting our time typing them out and getting our hopes up that any questions will be answered at all.

I’m not meaning to sound mean or angry. If they have their reason for not taking/answering questions, then that’s understandable.

Edit: Then again, the previous LS was the first time that happened. It’s reasonable to think they (or Travis?) forgot. We’re all human and make mistakes.

Edit2: “But they did answer a few questions.” Eh, well, they never expressly stated those were questions from the community. :man_shrugging: Meh. It’s all water under the bridge at this point.


This one has so many good questions, we should reroll this one until most are answered. I guess this thread covers almost every possible question towards H3 with our current knowledge anyways

Since @KevinRudd seems to be the man who manages these question in a tidy list each time, we can officially burden him with the task each month. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very well, IF there is an IOI M #16, then this thread shall be the question submission thread again

Mr @Urben would you be so kind as to move the post-stream comments in this thread over to the IOI#15 Discussion thread? That way this is back to being just questions again :slight_smile:


I totally lost track myself at which number we are now and what belongs where.

Maybe we make this work with what we have this month, and if there is no Monthly at all we (you?) do a thread with a FAQ list that IO can always check until release for including it in upcoming events.

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Lol 92% holy moly wow

We’re all upset with the lack of answers I guess.

just let us teaser for 1 minutes of gameplay!