IOI Monthly #15 (Jun) - Question Submission [CLOSED]

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How is the work on the Codename 47/low poly retro suit coming along?
(this is not actually a thing, but ever since I saw someone suggesting it I am willing it into existence!)


It didn’t get answered in the previous stream, so I’d like to ask “Could Travis please get me a job as a writer for IOI?” - but don’t worry if you don’t get around to it, I’m sure this stream is going to be packed full of Season 3 questions :slight_smile:

Just have a bloom toggle option: OFF, LOW and DEFAULT


Hitman is a political game. Every map has hints on the real life or raises questions that are relevant. For example Claus Strandberg did not break a law technically and yet he is a highly controversial person, something we surely can see in our world as well.

A general reminder, this thread is for questions only, no discussions. I am sure there is an existing thread about political aspects in Hitman.

EDIT: :arrow_up: @Generickillz


These are both great questions, and I’m putting in another vote to have both of these addressed if possible, please, Travis & Clemens. :slightly_smiling_face:

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They mentioned the EPhone on IO Monthly #14, they’re thinking about it. I don’t have timestamp but you can read the recap here.


Which levels did he do? I don’t have memories of the credits like I should

Edit: yeah I know I know


Marrakesh and Mumbai.
He talks about creating Mumbai in Episode 2 of the NoClip docu series

Can’t really give a timestamp since it’s spread between 3 level designers throughout the video, but he starts talking at 3:35 and gives more insight throughout the video. You should watch it fully anyway.


Yeah I really like Marrakesh for escalations and contracts

I second that. His Sniper map was really impressive, so I eager to know what he is working on right now.


Since other people have raised good points, it prompted another question within me:

  • The Announcement Trailer for HITMAN III had CG cutscenes. Did you team up with Platige Studios again to make this or are they made from in-house talent?

  • Will we be seeing CG cutscenes in H3 again (like how they were presented in Season 1) or will we see in-engine cutscenes using game models like the HITMAN 2 DLC Missions?


you can add elevators, rainy missions and ability FULL disable of all HUD?

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It is a valid idea, I personally so not like it, but it was actually also discussed in the first link here:

Please continue this discussion in one of the many threads Pilz linked to.


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Ooh that’s a good one. What’s happening in the life of 47’s first kiss?


and yes - i almost forget ask them about… hideout! with gunstands and shooting range like oldschool!


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