IOI Monthly #16 (Aug 31) - Question Submission [CLOSED]

  1. Do we have to re-make the contracts or are those be carried over as well?
  2. What is your biggest regret that somehow got its way into Hitman 1 or Hitman 2 (electrocution phone? breaching charges? a silly character?)?
  3. How do you decide what kind of level you’re going to make? Story-driven or do you build the story around an idea for a level?
  • Will Hitman III finally have photo mode?
  • Will contracts finally be cross-platform?

Can we get some insight on the choice to have Mattias Engström as the Game Director for H3?

“HITMAN 3 has a much darker tone than the previous games in the trilogy”, said Mattias Engström, Game Director. “On top of the core Hitman experience, we are mixing in some surprise elements, an evocative atmosphere and a very real sense of closure.”

Congratulations to him, an awesome level designer.



  1. I was wondering if there are any plans for a proper offline version of the game, where one can unlock items without any connection, whether upon release of hitman 3 or down the line.

  2. Would it possible to please release the game on the GOG store? My entire hitman collection is there and it would be wonderful to have the new hitman titles in the same place.

Thank you!


My question:

Will you release the official soundtrack for HITMAN 2 and Absolution?


Do you plan to release additional sniper maps like Himmelstein and Siberia?

And I promise this will not affect my decision to buy the game at all but seriously, are we getting our cutscenes back?


Will Hitman 3 support ray tracing and DLSS 2.0 on PC?

Will blood pools and trails be brought back as being suspicious? At the moment when a guard investigates an area where the camera has been shot and there is blood on the floor, he will say something like, “I’m in the area and everything looks good.” Really?


Will we be able to disable cameras with additional items other than guns. Wrenches, pipes etc.

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Alot of players I’ve had conversations were wondering about the distraction system not always working in Hitman 2 and are hoping for fixes in Hitman 3! My question to the developers is: Have there been fixes and could you explain what those fixes are?


I’ve got some questions from the last time I asked IOI before H2’s release:

  1. Will we see the return of revolvers?
  2. Has the team considered implementing a gun range area for tutorial maps or even the sandbox missions where 47 can fire unsilenced weapons without turning situations hostile?
  3. For M + KB controls, would it be possible for the left mouse button to return in function as also an attack action for an equipped melee weapon (including fibre wire)?
  • In H2016 and H2, there is an issue with melee combat where instead of continuing to engage nearby NPCs with a melee object/weapon, pressing Q often results in 47 snapping the necks of a close unconscious NPC instead. For controller setups, I think the [hold down?] to snap neck requirement mitigates this problem. Plus, I don’t think left-click is used enough for gameplay function like past titles. The limited instances of using it are to disengage from dragging a body, selecting inventory items, menu, and shooting (of course).

Given the amount of Hitman 3 questions, I will try ask a fun one for Travis and Clemens

If you could design a Agent 47 Suit as a fun unlockable what would you go with?. Can as serious or as comedic as you want.


Few questions :

  • You mentioned “eventual changes” for the electrocution phone. Can you precise the kind of changes and if they will be finally implemented into H2 game.

Players of our previous HITMAN games will be pleased to know that it will be possible to ‘import’ locations that they own from the previous two HITMAN games into HITMAN 3, essentially putting all 20+ locations from the entire trilogy in one place

  • By “locations”, you actually mean “missions”? Also, special holiday missions (Holiday Hoarders and Hokkaido Snow Festival) will also be available right from the beginning?

we’re pleased to say that HITMAN 2 players will have the option to carry over their hard-earned unlocks and progression into HITMAN 3

  • What about the ET-related suits? Do you plan to add a permanant possibility for the players who missed or failed an ET to get the related suits (either location or winter suit) from H2016 or H2 games?
  • In H3, unlocking “location related suits” will be through specific ET (like H2016 and H2) or through location mastery (like the Bank and Last Resort)?

We’ve got a lot more to say about our new gameplay features and systems, more locations to reveal and some other big surprises too!

  • Can we get a first hint about those new gameplay mechanics?
  • new systems” - Do you mean that mastery and XP points are modified?

Sniper Assassin is available to play now as an early access bonus for anyone who preorders any edition of HITMAN 2

  • Do you plan to provide an early access bonus to players who preorder H3?
  • Do you know how many editions of the game do you plan to release with H3?

HITMAN 3 will be available in January 2021

H3 will be release in approximately six months. Currently, the team is working on what? Finishing levels? “Search and destroy” of bugs?

Have a good day and thx for all


Can we PLEASE, at least, get a toggle for running in Hitman III?

As in, I’m tired of having to HOLD a button down just to run.

Seriously, we already have a toggle for aiming…why not running?

Maybe just make it full control stick is run, half is walk?



Will The Author and Patient Zero (the final level) be coming to Contracts mode in Hitman 3?

Will eventually we get every escalation from H1 in H3?


Will Hitman III be released with multiple editions (Standard, Silver, Gold) like Hitman 2 was?

Also, will Hitman III have longer post-launch support than Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2?


I hope so for the latter, with the former I hope for this:

Will there be a “get everything/the full experience” option for players new to H3? How will owning the game on PS5 work? Will PS5 owners get the legacy pack stuff for free since they’re also buying a new console?

Does the game run 60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X?


Will rewards and unlockables be looked at and improved based on player feedback from the previous games e.g pink gun sticker.


Will the unlock carry-over from Hitman 2 be dynamic, as in if you unlock something in Hitman 2 after you started playing Hitman 3, will it update in H3?
For example, the siberian sniper rifle, which looks really awesome. I did not unlock it yet because of the really grindy chore and it came at the very end of H2 cycle. If H3 does not feature the sniper mode/map, I’d want to eventually go for it in Hitman 2 to urge my gun skin enthusiasm and completionism and to have fun with it at an earlier point of life in Hitman 3.


What are the general favourite hitman 1/2 locations at IO interactive?
Also, how would you feel about adding an emetic rubber duck? :wink: