IOI Monthly #16 ("Late August") - Question Submission

IOI Monthly #16

It will occur late August but IO have not confirmed if they’re taking questions for it, they may just have a set information release that’s planned in advance

My Questions

  • Why is there no Contracts Mode on Freeform Training, which has more disguise, NPC, exit and weapon choice than Final Test?

For H3:

  • Will there be changes to contracts mode?
  • How many new accents were recorded for NPCs?
  • Can you confirm that there is no (new) Sniper Assassin this time around?
  • Can you confirm that there will be at least one new Ghost Mode map?
  • Will any of the new maps set any records in the Hitman series (Map size, amount of NPCs, etc)?
  • Apart from the things listed on reveal day (Unlock progress), what are some of the player/fan feedback that’s been implemented for H3?
  • Is gameplay going to be different enough that replaying Seasons 1 and 2 in the new launcher will be different?
  • Why Roman Numerals? Now if I abbreviate the game’s name it looks like I’m saying “Hiii”

What are the overall plans for Hitman 3/after Hitman 3 is released. Do you plan on mod support, post game development, anything in particular for this game?

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Will the Red Tie Kiwi be fixed by H3 so it can squeak when you step on it? :B


In H3, objects won’t be extremely fragile that they break just by dropping them? :B

  • When did development on HITMAN 3 begin?

  • Will post-launch content for HITMAN 2 continue (featured/curated contracts) now that the next game has been announced?

  • Any word on what benefits Next-gen consoles might have playing H3?

  • Any chance on the Car exit being patched into Hawke’s Bay anytime soon?


Have you made sure that NPCs sickened by an emetic prefer toilets over bins?
Like what @scm97tl have you fixed item fragility? Because some items still shatter on impact.
How many levels are there going to be?
Will there be any bonus levels?
Is there an Australia level?

I will add more if I think of any.


First of all I love @KevinRudd’s sexy and stately new avatar. Second of all. what other items have been considered for that “shuffling” you said you were doing in regards to the electric phone?


  • Is it true that there will be “one final patch” for Hitman 2 before H3 releases?

  • Will bloom/lighting/lens flare issues be addressed in H2?


  • Will bloom/lighting/lens flare issues be addressed in H3?

  • Is Ghost Mode going to be updated (new maps, mechanics, modes)?

  • Will Legacy maps from H1 and H2 recieve upgrades?

  • Will contracts mode get an update with new features?


Can we expect new items to be added to legacy maps? Items such as car batteries, apples, bananas and muffins etc.

Would you be able to talk about something new and exciting about HITMAN 3?


One question:

  • How will the progress transfer be handeled if I started on PS4 and continue on PS5?

What is the concept for lighting and bloom in H3?

Are there plans to revert bloom and lens flares back to H1 level for H3?

Are you aware that the bloom and light bleeding in H2 hinders gameplay, and why did you still decide to implement it that way?

Can you give an insight on Contracts Mode for H3?


Can we get a Mark III sticker briefcase that moves even slower than the other slow briefcase?

  • how many years do you expect to continue support for Hitman 3?

  • Will there be new Elusive Targets?

  • Will the Legacy Elusive Targets be run again (please do, need the suits)

  • Will Hitman 3 have an expansion pass?

  • Is Dubai the first mission in the game?

  • How are cutscenes being made this time? Is it still images or in game cinematics (The Bank, Haven island)

  • Will all the escalations and challenge packs from Hitman 1 and 2 be ported to Hitman 3?

  • Is the contract with Sean Bean limited to Hitman 2 or could that be rerun on Hitman 3?

  • What is your opinion on the idea of making Elusive Targets permanent? Id recommend running them all and then just release them.

  • Are there any plans for a proper Offline mode? The servers can’t run forever


Hi IO,

Could you correct the outfits worn by the emiratis in the Dubai tower? Unfortunately, they do not accurately represent their culture at the moment.

Someone on Dubai reddit said that the Kandooras worn by the emiratis in the Hitman 3 trailer look more like saudi thawbs than local ones.

Guess ill ask the obvious one: Any chance of adding the dual silverballers to hitman 3? Given its the last game in the trilogy i think a lot of people including myself would appreciate it being added.


One of the questions i’ve been thinking the most is: Will we have further modifications to old maps? I know Hitman 1 have been exploited a lot, but Hitman 2 feels like it could use modifications to the maps like night, rain, seasons, etc. Even if they turned out to be DLCs, it could be cool to fill the gap between Hitman 3 and whatever comes next.

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Two questions:

    • In reality, everyone has been affected by a global pandemic and “Black Lives Matters” has become a global movement.

IOI hasn’t shied away from controversy, with NPCs making statements about the cartoonish, US president Trump within the Colorado Mission, or how global elites are profiting from the climate change apocalypse within Isle Sgail of Hitman 2.

Is IOI still planning on introducing some of this biting commentary of the world’s problems within Hitman 3 ???

Please note that some of us love all that funny NPC dialog. It still cracks me up when I think about the NPC frustrated in building IKEA furniture near the entrance of the Swedish Embassy in Marrakesh.

    • Mimimi Games has lifted many of their ideas from IOI’s Hitman within Shadow Tactics and now Desperados 3. These games have immersive settings with safe and alert zones, use of social stealth, and NPC dialog which provides the player with hints of possible accident kills.

Mimimi Games has perfected the top-down, isometric stealth genre, with the Japanese Ninja settling in Shadow Tactics, and the Cowboy genre for Desperados 3. There are definitely pluses and minuses to this top-down isometric perspective.

I would think that Hitman’s World of Assassination of secret agents using Mimimi Games’ 3D isometric perspective would be great choice for IOI to expand the reach of the Hitman universe.

Has IOI ever considered teaming up with Mimimi Games in making a top-down isometric Hitman game ???

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Any plans for changes in the rating/scoring systems in H3? Or are they going to function the same way they do in Seasons 1 and 2?

In the NoClip documentary Forest Swartout Large mentioned big plans for systemic gameplay that had to be scaled down during development of H2. Are those plans back on the docket for H3?


God I hope not. Modern politics is frankly depressing

My question is will it be possible to switch my progress from PS4 to Xbox in Hitman 3?


Will achievements be carried over?