IOI Monthly #3 (May 27th 2019)

Tune in next Monday the 27th - 2 PM CEST for IOI Monthly!
Join us for a developer insight into HITMAN2 and a look ahead at what’s to come next month.
See ya there!

Thanks @misterkiller :slight_smile:


I wonder who the special guest is going to be?
And if they going to review anything about the expansion levels

i hope the special guest is Bateson. Bateson talking about the stuff he says in The Bank, please :pray:


Where do they stream and when?

You can check out IOI Facebook page and or Twitter. They will be streaming 2 pm 27th on mixer and twitch :smiley:




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I assume it is a dev being the special person, but ofc I am up for surprises!

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Special guest:

Best case scenario it’s David Bateson or Sean Bean

Worst case: a Hitman fan who’s not me (I’ll be too jelly to enjoy)


Bateson would be awesome. Sean Bean would be cringy as hell…

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Where is this being streamed?

Nvm I just saw it’s on twitch

We finna get dat hitman absolutely 2 sequel prequel remake :boom::fire::boom::boom:

This text will be blurred

Hopefully NOT calling them just talking about E3 and the big announcements they plan to make then.

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obligatory electric boogalo joke

in about 8 hours, it’s time, gentlepeople :sunglasses:

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I will be on a 15 hours plane during that time. God damn it.

It’s Derek Kolstad announcing the new HITMAN Netflix series. :stuck_out_tongue:

It appears they’re starting 2 or 3 hours earlier than the previous broadcasts. I won’t be able to see it in it’s entirety live. That’s definitely got me irked. Oh well.