IOI Monthly #4 (June 24, 2019) 4PM CEST

Another Stream Was Announced So Get Ready For Discussions and Remember To Add Your Questions. The Stream will be on Twitch and Mixer. Like @cakeblock941 said this stream will be all about The Bank and the two new special assignments in Mumbai and Columbia. The stream will be at 15:00 GMT thanks at @misterkiller for the timeframe!


this one will be all about the Bank!

I think the stream will start on a usual 15:00 GMT.

So mark your diary: June 24th, 15:00 GMT.
IOI will talk about new location, The Bank

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one day to go, man. i’m excited


Quick question for y’all how long do these streams usually go for? My guess is just under two hours but I’m not really sure

60 - 80 minutes based on the three livestreams.

Wait. Which is right? The Topic Title says 4PM CEST, but in the post it says 15:00 GMT. Yeah, I guess I can wait and see (I don’t plan on doing anything at those times), but one is (at my location) 9 AM, the other is 10 AM.

eta: By knowing I can at least plan a little better. :wink:

eta2: Phooey. I’ll just play it safe and tune in at 9 AM. I should know within a couple minutes if it’s still on or not.

It’s always 3pm/15.00 GMT

London - 4pm/16.00 (GMT+1)

Rest of EU - 5pm/17.00 (CEST)

Ukrania/Romania/Russia - 6pm/18.00

US - 8am PT/11am ET

Edit: livestream starts 4pm CEST.

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For this places the time will be 17:00, 5 PM.

Also I think you bit confused. London/UK is situated in GMT timezone, so for Great Britain start broadcast time will be 15:00 GMT.
Eastern Europe (EU) should wait the stream to start at about 16:00, 4 PM.

To avoid confusions, I propose to use time converter.
It will show the right and exact time in your region. You just have to fill in your location city there and the system will do the rest.
Here is the converter where I already put the specified starting time. Just fill in your city there

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Nope, no confusion here.

The thing is that, GMT is only used in Great Britain from Oct - March.

Great Britain is on GMT+1/BST/British Summer Time from March - Oct

So if they say that they start on 15.00 GMT then that means that it’s 16.00 in Grear Britain because of the Daylight Saving Time

As IO always start their livestreams 15.00 GMT then in Great Britain it should start 16.00 GMT+1 but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

So they are the ones who don’t count for the Daylight Saving Time.

So since the livestream start at 4pm CEST (which is currently GMT+2) because of Daylight Saving Time. Then it should be 2pm (GMT+0) in Great Britain.
But as we know now from the tweet, that’s not the case because IO didn’t include Daylight Saving Time.

Because we’re in summer time;
GMT is GMT+0
BST is GMT+1


No matter what abbreviation used, the time is always the same
It’s easier for me personally to use GMT for all UK timings, so if tomorrow London and the rest of Britain will tune in at 4 PM, they’ll miss pretty much everything

Yes, we’ve come to that conclusion already.
They don’t count for Daylight Saving Time (DST) so they stick to CEST and not GMT.

So all though it might be easier, it isn’t the correct way because UK is currently on BST and not GMT. But you do you to avoid confusion.

Live stream starts at midnight on the dot in Australia. Its a work night for me so this will be me at work tomorrow…


Nice stream, quite happy with the answers that we got from Travis

Were the briefings on par with Hantu Ports briefing?

The stream is now live


4 minutes until broadcasting starts!

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Oooh baby, here we go! We’ve got a nice visual of the Bank here. I’m so excited!!


Just look at those people who will not get their bank service forever. :joy:

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