IOI monthly

Introducing: IOI Monthly!

A new Livestream format where we deep dive into the making of, news and general life of Hitman.
Be the first to know - make sure you join the first IOI monthly Livestream this Monday at 4PM CET !


On what format will this stream be? I have got no twitter. Twitch or I hope youtube. Will be watchting this…

This is AWESOME! Seems like this is following the example of other companies that have monthly livestreams to discuss roadmaps etc.
Definitely a good thing that this has happened. I love to see more communication and looks like we got it!

Great job IOI!


Was sad that the weekly streams died off, but I think lowering the frequence is the right idea to fix it. :slight_smile:


I assume Youtube since that’s where the SA map reveal was on. Hopefully no more Mixer.

Do I have to use Twitter? Using it feels like reading the Daily Mail, leaves a sort of unclean feeling.


Schedule seems to be the last Monday of the month, 15:00 GMT
I presume they will stream via Twitch & Mixer

Are they going to show the making of the Blackballer?


This seems interesting. I’m excited, but I gotta make a Twitch account first lmao


Been waiting for YEARS for them to release art, stats, stories, making-ofs and everything backstage related to our favorite franchise :heart:

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: :+1:


You can watch as a guest. Creating account required only for participating in chat and use the rest of the site.
Just to watch does not requires registration

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They stream on twitch & mixer. They haven’t streamed on youtube so i don’t know about that. We’ll see then.
But twitch and mixer confirm.


Ah, thanks, that’s saved me. I think I did a twitchmixeraccountthing when I got the gold guns in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. So all I have to do is remember what I put in as a log-in! Simple! Not . . . :smiley:

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I hope this new livestream format will be available later on Youtube Hitman channel!!The ‘‘making of’’ part sounds really exciting and I can’t wait to learn cool stuff about Hitman!!!Finally,I expect IOIMonthly to stream as a standard,maybe every last Monday of the month , and the Roadmap to be revealed every first Monday(or other day) of each month , so that we don’t need to guess when it will be dropped every time :stuck_out_tongue:

The last part of every episode should be a slide showing Gantt Chart progress of each new mission, map, or asset pack for HITMAN 2! :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see more of these in the future :grin: @Travis_IOI

With stats like, ‘most used method to kill the…’
Example, 'The Politician - most used method used to kill The Politician, ‘60% Gaslamp explosion’ if that was the most used method by players.

And ofcourse the stats like percentage of 'how many completed the contract and ‘how many of them got SA’, should also be present.


Imagine taking 3 hours to complete the Elusive Target


That player must be the ultimate Sean Bean fan!


probably @Urben setting up something crazy or @Euler13 recording all the dialogue


Yeah you’re probably right.

Or maybe they just suuuck