IOI, Please... I NEED HELP😭

Today I tried to eliminate Mark Fabu, and after his murder my Internet turned off … (I understood that, because the SA rating remained, but the robot that shot Fabu killed another person …) I paused the game and I saw the inscription- PLAN TO RESTORE !!! I was surprised, but pressed … And then it turned out that the Internet was gone, I tried to restore it and after the restoration … The target was lost …:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Please give me back to Fab … It was a bug, and I can tell how to get it again …(Before killing a elusive target, turn off the Internet and then kill the target, then enter ESC and you will see this bug)
PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE… It was a bug and I could not do anything … Please … I really need a Fab …
I am from Russia, so sorry for the bad English)
@Travis_IOI @ioi_christianco


During the Main Content Cycle of HITMAN 2 IOI released a patch that made it so if you lost internet connection to the internet you automatically failed the Elusive Target. The reason behind this decision was to circumvent an exploit around Elusive Targets that allowed you restart it when ever you want by disabling your internet connection.

You can tag Travis and he might respond, but he will also tell you the reason why it failed too since the servers do record that information.

Please don’t make a duplicate thread in the future. Thanks!

How can i tag Travis?

And what does the phrase mean: but he will also tell you the reason why it failed too since the servers do record that information.

When user’s have this type of problem Travis can pull up a sort of “log” that shows your fail condition for an elusive target alongside what lead up to it.

This happened before back during the beginning of HITMAN 2 and Travis told the user that the reason he failed or didn’t get SA was if I remember correctly “getting caught doing something illegal and dying soon after”

If you wanna tag someone simply do @Travis_IOI

The reason I remember this is because I was curious if he could tell me how I did my Elusive Target (he didn’t.

ps. Don’t emoji spam and don’t spam tags.

Dude, no need to make multiple threads. We already know your problem, and so does IOI.

If you don’t have proofs of your bug don’t hope to be able to play it again.

Better prepare yourself for a negative response and stick to one topic please.

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Please understand, if IOI understand the problem, they will understand that I’m right, this is a matter of time, and now, instead of supporting, you demotivate, good people don’t do that…

Теперь верно? (Now right?)

It’s not about tarnishing any potential outcome it’s beyond that to be frank.

A lot of us failed elusive targets due to bullshit reasons. I failed The Revolutionary due to a flaw in the pause menu back in December 2018.

  • You aren’t allowed to Restart Elusive Targets after set criteria is met, but the game allowed you to which prompted a fail.

Thought it is my fault, it’s also IO’s fault for having a faulty pause menu for ET at the time. Fortunately they fixed this. I won’t ever be able to get the Columbia Suit this time around, but I simply swallowed my pride and just simply lived with failing a Target and losing a Suit.

HITMAN 3 is coming and chances are prior ET will be playable. The Undying Returns is also a Elusive Target that you will be able to play in the near future.

Honestly the only thing that matters is you got the Explosive Pen since that is 1 of 2 items that are locked behind timed content that aren’t suits.

I know … I just don’t want to lose … Without Faba … I won’t get a classic suit with gloves … But I really want to …

Elaborate on Classic Suit. You mean the Signature Suit with Gloves?

Yes… Suit with gloves…

Тогда по-русски.
Принцип Неуловимой Цели состоит в том, что второго шанса сыграть у тебя не будет.
Баг-не баг, правильно-не правильно, SA-неSA - не важно. Если ты выполнил или провалил контракт - повторно сыграть этот контракт ты не сможешь.
Так задумали разработчики и это пока никто не менял. Хотя ты не первый и не последний с подобными проблемами. Даже на стримах сотрудники IOI не могут переиграть Неуловимую Цель если они выполнили или провалили ее.
Фактически здесь то же самое, если сказать “выключите Солнце”. Его ведь выключить невозможно, верно? Так и здесь. Переиграть выполненную или проваленную Неуловимую Цель нельзя

Нет, тут вы не правы, людям их перезапускают, если какая-то проблема, если не виноват сам игрок, поэтому поглубже изучите этот вопрос, хорошо?

Это солнце, которое не может выключить игрок, но сами IOI могут

Когда такое было?
Кому конкретно их “перезапускали”?

Хорошо, как появится время, я вам покажу, у человека была проблема и ему перезапустите цель, т.к. у него были все докозвтельства на руках.
У меня с ним переписка была:)

Этот человек этим занимался:)
Переписку с пострадавшим скину позже

Окей, если он сюда зайдет и сможет что-то сделать - хорошо. Я ничего не имею против.
Желаю удачи