IOI talk ‘Hitman’ Future after Hitman 3

The ageless route seems to be the one IOI is taking, but it does start to get a little weird since the World of Assassination trilogy uses specific dates. We’re given Diana’s parents being killed in 1989 by a fully grown 47 (who’d be 25 if his Sept 5, 1964 birthdate is still canon). The games are stated to take place from 2019-2021, with the prologue being in 1999. Over 30 years have passed since 47 killed Diana’s parents.

But, of course, there’s an easy out: 47 just doesn’t age normally since he’s genetically engineered. And that could open up new story possibilities…


They’ll definitely be another Hitman game. Towards they end of last year, IOI even confirmed despite them working on Bond, this won’t be the end of the Hitman Franchise.

This is what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to see where 47 and Diana go from here now they are no longer tied to the ICA.


About how the entire game is 47’s fever dream after being shot by a member of The Franchise? That’s the absolute antithesis of “no drama, no story”.

Years after becoming estranged, Diana searches for 47 for a new mission. Finds him living in a log cabin in the snowy mountains. He has a token beard. And a hidden armory in the floor, John Wick style.


Yeah, kind of like LOGAN? In my view that should have been HITMAN: ABSOLUTION.


There’s a thread in the old forum where we re-write ABSOLUTION to be specifically about an older bearded 47 who lives out of some cabin in a frigid part of the world. :slight_smile:

You hunt/assassinate wild animals as the tutorial. :slight_smile:

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@Quinn that might be the case for the story, but the game overall is my favourite of the classic trilogy. Missions like Beldingford Manor and Traditions of the Trade are two of my all time favourite maps.

I think the only Hitman game in which the story actually dictates the gameplay is Hitman Absolution (And recently Hitman 3, though to a much lesser extent). I just resent this view that the game is somehow at its best when it has “no story”. They tried contextless killing with Hatred, that wasn’t exactly fun.

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How about a Codename 47 remake?

Wait, what? Must be the influence of @MrOchoa


How about this?

With Providence ‘dismantled’, a new era of change has started, and with it, chaos ensues. Lots of high level people stepping down or else being ‘retired’ causes the world go into a sort of dystopia. Buildings get run down, the government is in ruins, and lots of damage has been done to the world. In the midst of all this, 47 and Diana’s agency has a play in this. I don’t know where the story would go from there tho lol

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Finally «Absolution MK II»!

I always imagined the next gen for Hitman, like real life Graphics, with a lot, I mean, a LOT of detail put into AI, like, you can talk to npcs/targets, CONVINCE them to do certain things.
Given that the game is sandbox style (I am right) the graphics should be close to real life, that’s my guess.
Other than that, RPG elements, like having a strength/stamina/etc perks would be great, It shouldn’t be the same to pacify a girl than to pacify a big guy, kinda like in Cyberpunk.
Also, Items perks of some kind. Not all items should be exactly the same, and that is something you can implement now, for example: A non lethal melee that breaks immediately vs one that breaks in three tries, vs the same but conceivable, non breakable, add the variations, etc etc
What I don’t like is having six items that are exactly the same (they have exactly the same function). Cause it’s not like you can create a contract while adding the complication “Pacify X with a Violin” , then the Violin it’s just another melee item on the list, with no real use.
Or even consider having % on items (Lethal syringe that works 60% of the time) things like that.
Also, “Master” difficulty should be more difficult. If someone SEES YOU, they spotted you. That’s it. No yellow indicator.
So, Casual still casual, Professional you add the cameras and the Ex Master difficulty, and Master just like I stated above.
And yeah, you shouldn’t be able to know if you are good to be frisked or not.
Other: AI levels, like dumb people that will follow coins all the way, vs clever ones that wouldn’t fall for that, things like that. Levels of tolerance: Let’s say, certain security guards have no tolerance and if you run into them, you get an insta suspicious (a Combat on Master).

He’s “timeless” now though. He looks more like 37-45 in the 2016 game. Like James Bond. He just keeps staying the same age despite time marching into the future.

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Who’s Logan?

20 pop culture references

The Wolverine movie. If you haven’t seen it, please please please watch. It’s a fucking masterpiece.

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I don’t see why Providence should play a role anymore. In the last cutscene you hear that every leading figure stepped down “due personal reasons”. Sure they still have money but likely lack the influence with new people leading their assets. Although it would interest me why they did that when there was no public exposure of Providence’ nature at that point.

The ICA is surely gone, more than Providence. Here the board members were exposed down to the bone by the data leak.

The director’s commentary in the Deluxe Edition say 47 created his own agency. Depending on the nature of this agency he is now a freelancer agent or the boss tied to his desk job. Which would pretty much rule him out to be the protagonist.


I always assumed Diana coerced them into retirement by threatening they would be the next target or when the Constant was dead they assumed the gig was up and retired hoping to save themselves.

Or he has enough cash stashed away that he now takes on contracts to shape the world into a better spot? Like perhaps Diana and him sift through intelligence and pick the targets they think deserve to be on their list.

I’d have to listen to them again, but I think it was about 47 having agency (not “an agency”), meaning “making his own decisions” as opposed to “owning a company”.


Yeah, there’s a story in Contracts about 47 nearly dying after being shot and hallucinating some of his past missions. But that story is mostly just told in the cutscenes. Every other game has the levels integrated directly into the game’s story. But in Contracts, the missions themselves aren’t connected to each other, and except for the finale, the missions aren’t part of the story. Contracts is the closest we’ve gotten to a Hitman game of just random hits, which is what I thought you meant when you said “Contextless murdering with no meaning” would be boring.